Is spanking illegal in maryland?

OKAY i dont want some anwser from so old dude ... that was a child when it was like 1947. so is it illegal in maryland? i mean can someone call 911 of it happens? I mean isn't thier like a new law that says you cant do that? I Mean spanking doesn't even work when ever they do it I have message automatcailly sent to my brain that i hate them and i will not care for them when im older


I am 12 ..... -_--

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    35 of 50 states classify child abuse to a spanking, if it breaks the skin, leaves a scar, or in-dangers the life of the child.

    I never did spank my kids, but; I did use the voice control method, speak softly always, when you had done wrong, the Drill Sgt came from now where's. They would scramble to get upstairs to their rooms.

    Youngest 30 and oldest 46, none have been in trouble with the law.

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    I see you got a spanking. If you think from that spanking you are being abused talk to an adult you trust and one who will make an appropriate judgment about whether to call child protective services based on your cirumstances and the nature of the injuries if any.

    Is spanking illegal in Maryland?

    Yes for teachers, school administrators, family day care providers, foster parents, child care workers, counselors, and staff members of child care centers, juvenile detention and shelter care facilities, juvenile correctional and treatment facilities, mental health facilities, group homes, residential treatment centers and any other place or program that provides care to children and teenagers.

    No for parents or legal guardians except when a spanking results in physical and/or mental harm to the child. If it can be taken as excessive, cruel or inhumane or unreasonable it can be found to be abusive. Usually for a spanking to be illegal for a parent to administer it has to cause unreasonable or excessive physical injuries-- temporary redness on your buttocks although it is an injury is not unreasonable. But there are situations where a spanking doesn't cause unreasonable injuries but is still unreasonable.

    For example there was a case of a 16 year old girl who was required to complete her meal which consisted of left overs from other members of the family's meals in 10 minutes. If she didn't she was spanked with a belt. The spankings themselves were never excessive in causing injuries that would trigger an abuse finding. But they were unreasonable and illegal because they caused mental harm to the child along with these others her guardians were doing to her

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    Those "old dudes" usually know better how to raise a kid than these jokes calling themselves parents these days.

    No, you can't call 911 for being punished. Do you really want to be dragged out of your home away from your computer, food, clothes, video games, etc. and be placed with a foster family while your parents are questioned by police and dragged through the court system?

    If your parents are beating you, that's one thing. But a little discipline never hurt anyone.

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    Theres a fine line between spanking a child our of discipline and spanking a child for no good reason.

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    It works and as long as not taken to far IS legal....just dont get in trouble...and at 12 your to young to be here

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    LOL!! you get spanked

    how old are you?


    don't you think you're a little old to be spanked? I mean you're old enough to know right from wrong, so just deal with it. Its your fault if you get spanked.

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    Beating is good, it gives birth to discipline.

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    No it isn't

    I wish i was spanked..

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