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Do any historically black colleges have biomedical engineering biomedical science majors?

Hello everyone! I would REALLY appericiate it if someone would help me research this and answer this question for me.

Okay, I am a senior in high school and getting ready for college. My intended major is [as you already know] biomedical engineering or biomedical science. My problem is that I really would like to go to a historically black college [HBCU] but when I went to and did a college search to see, there were none that matched up when I only put my major. My question to you all is:

are there really NO HBCUs that have biomedical engineering/science majors?

if not, is there anything I CAN do so that I can go to a HBCU even though not change my major or something?

If there are, what are they?

I really would like to go to Howard or Morehouse. Please give my any other information you think I should know. Thank you all SOOOOOO much.

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    There are no TAC/ABET-acccredited degrees in Biomedical Engineering or Biomedical Engineering Technology offered by HBCUs.

    However, HB North Carolina A&T, however, does have an ABET-accredited degree in Biological Engineering. Note the statement that last year's grads got 100% job placement and they are eligible to sit the EIT/FE exam.

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    4 years ago

    Hbcu Engineering

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    Why do you need a HBCU degree? In reality, not trying to be racist, but going to regular college will help you get a better job.

    If you insist check their website.

    Now, answer a question for me. Why aren't there any just white colleges, or is that racist...?

    • kristian3 years agoReport

      Because you all already had them

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    Prairie View's undergrad engineering program is second to none. They have a chemical engineering program that just might interest you. Check it out.

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