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Having trouble with my wireless lan.?

I've been having this problem off and on for awhile now but now it's really bad.

The wirelessLAN will work and randomly out of no where turn off on it's own, and then there is no way for me to turn it back on. I've tried all the methods that my computer has given me but no use.

When this first started happening, I would just have to turn the computer off and back on and it would be back to normal. But now I've turned my computer on and off about a dozen times now and it still hasn't turned on.

Any ideas?

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    Driver Interference. Happened to my A Lot a few months back...the overall easiest way to fix...Recover the Computer then install the Website Genuine Drivers for everything...

    Or just re-install the WiFi Driver...but this doesn't always work...

    Source(s): I have been through it before..
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