Chavez is anything but nefarious! Who writes this crap?

"As the nefarious Venezuelan de facto dictator, Hugo Chavez, and his leftist ALBA Alliance become more and more aggressive toward pro Washington democratic governments in the region, illegal immigration into the U.S. will become much more than a simple social problem. Authoritarian leftist dictators in the ALBA dominated countries of Latin America will undoubtedly bankrupt their countries and the repressed and hungry populations will look to "El Norte" as we've witnessed with the inner tube and boat people of the failed Cuban 50 year old Castro dynasty.".

Some people will believe everything, it seems, about 'bad' South and Central American countries and very little about bad American leaders.

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    1 decade ago
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    Venezuela is currently one of the most democratic countries in at least the hemisphere. The majority of the population voted for Hugo Chavez over the Washington-backed puppet, so he's a "dictator". Washington puppet governments like Colombia are "democratic" despite the oppression and murders their dictatorships carry out against working people. I wonder what Orwell would've made of this. I could comment on the rest of that quote, but it's so ridiculous I don't really have to. It sounds like something that plopped out of Limpballs' pie hole.

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    4 years ago

    i might say take care to not bite the hand that feeds you. he's pitting his greens against his steak. i'm afraid he would be caught in the midst of a bloody conflict merely because of the fact the undesirable Lebanese and Palestinian peoples are. His carry on power would be overwhelmed and his u . s . a . will fall from interior at last.

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    1 decade ago

    Chavez is a idiot. and on America i respect it is where i live... but the government think they are the police of the world, sneaking their noses everywhere and not always on the right day USA will fall

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