Yet another question about asking a girl out?

So there's the girl at my college that I want to ask out. I knew her a while back through one of my roommates, like 4 semesters ago. This summer I've been going to the gym at my college and I've run into her at least half a dozen times (she works at the college library). We small chat sometimes or just say hi. I'm really interested in asking her out, but don't really know how I should start and more importantly what exactly I should ask. I have alot of ideas from light ones like lunch to stronger ones like going to a movie, outdoor activities, or even a theme park. What do you think I should do? Mind you, we aren't really friends at this point, more just casual acquaintances. Should I try talking to her more before asking her out?

btw: if its at all relevant, we're friends on facebook and I know she's single.

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    Get to know her a bit more first. Maybe you can arrange for you and your mutual friends to hang out a few times to you can spend time together?

    Then when you know more about her, (perhaps what she enjoys doing in her spare time) ask her out!

    What you would plan for the date really depends on her, but a good default is always a nice dinner. Be romantic, but fun at the same time. Find a nice balance there and you should be fine.

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    I would start small, maybe with a local coffee least at my college thats what everyone does. We have a small coffee shop that has an area in the back for small bands to come play so Ive gone there several times with girls. Good Luck!

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    jeez, that can be awkward... i would first invite her to an event, like a party or social something that involved a group of people, that way u can get the feel for her more, maybe u two could become "real friends" :)

    and then determine whether she mite like u back. good luck!

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    Ask her out for coffee on campus, get to know her better. If it goes well, ask her out a second time. Can't hurt to try.

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  • 1 decade ago

    well if your friends on facebook then you are basically going out, just sack up and ask her what you want to do most with her

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