Hair loss in Katahdin lamb?

I have a pure katahdin ewe that gave birth to triplets about three weeks ago. Two ram lambs, and one ewe lamb (also pure katahdins).

They were born out on a 40 acre pasture. The mother is extremely attentive and very good with her triplets. She is producing large amount of milk for her lambs.

She has access to salt (iodized), minerals, and fresh water at all times. No feed other than pasture.

The ram lambs are brown. The ewe lamb is white, like her mother.

The ewe lamb is loosing her hair. Over her whole body. She does not itch on anything. No other sheep in the flock have this problem.

She has no scabs, no ringworm, and she is the only one with this problem.

Any ideas as to what could cause this problem in a three week old hair sheep lamb?


The lamb appears healthy in every other way. I worked for a dermatologist for years, so learned a great deal about fungus infections...she appears to have no fungus, no mites, no mange/scabies, no keds.

Just uniform hair loss over her whole body (except face), making her appear quiet pink as her skin on body, legs, and neck become more exposed. I suspect she's getting sunburned now as well.

The lamb has never been off the farm. There has not been a new sheep or goat introduced to the farm and/or herd in more than 6 months.

Out of more than 100 goats, sheep, horses and dogs she is the only animal showing this problem.

Update 2:

If your lambs were born with no hair, you need to look at the iodine your ewes might be needing. Lack of hair, and goiters (swollen under jaw) are usually a sign of lack of iodine.

Give your ewes iodized salt and the problem should go away.

That's why I stated this little lambs mother has iodized salt.

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    If the lamb appears good and healthy otherwise, it almost sounds like it could perhaps be a fungal infection. If that were the case, you can buy medicated shampoos that could help correct this problem.

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    really odd, I would have to say to call a vet, but that seems obvious so I am really just suggeting you have a t-shirt put on her to protect her from the sun.

    I have 1 Katahdin ewe in with my mixed small flock, we have several other hair breeds and have never heard of this either.

    it almost sounds genetic.. have a vet do a skin scraping, are the ewe and the ram closely related? You could be famous for starting a hairless breed of sheep although I dont know what the point would be..

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    We have Katahdan and dorper sheep. I haven't seen what you are talking about, but we have had lambs born without any hair (wool) at all.

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    I know this post is old, but did you ever come up with a definite answer as to what the problem was? I have a ewe that sounds like about the exact situation. If you learned anything, any help would be appreciated!

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