How is my Fantasy Football Team?

I had the 2nd Overall pick. 12 team. My friend made this league. (Computer Geek)

QB: Carson Palmer, Phillip Rivers Sage Rosenfels

RB: AP, Stephen Jackson, Chris Wells, Lendale White,

WR: Larry Fitz, Rhoddy White, Greg Jennings, Vincent Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Joey Gallaway

TE: Greg Olsen, Brandon Pettigrew

K: Mason Crosby

D: NY Giants

Who should my starters be









Also i got offered 2 trades. One is Carson Palmer, Rhoddy White and Phillip Rivers for Drew Brees, Roy Williams and Jason Campbell

The other is Stephen Jackson, Larry Fitzgerald for Randy Moss and Matt Forte

To qualify for BA please also answer my other question about my other Fantasy Team.

Heck you might get BA for both questions

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I like your team. I like your team even more if you make that trade to get Forte. If your team has both AP and Forte, tell the league to cancel the season and just engrave your name on the trophy (especially if your league is PPR). You can afford to move Fitz since your receiving crop is sick with White and Jennings. Also, getting Moss back in the deal is not exactly small potatoes. He could have a big year with Brady back. I'm not high on Steven Jackson, who has seen his yard per carry drop for the 2nd consecutive year.

  • 1 decade ago

    That is an outstanding team for a 12 team league. You must have had some dummies drafting. How in the world could you have gotten AP SJackson and Fitz They all should have been gone in the first round and definately before your second pick. Good Job!

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    QB - Drew Brees RB - Adrian Peterson RB - Stephen Jackson WR - Larry Fitzgerald TE - Tony Gonzalez protection - manhattan Giants Bench participant - Andre Johnson Bench participant - Tom Brady

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