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How much are they paying to be a Right Wing Extremist?

I read the Democrats say those people that are so upset at the Town Hall meetings are paid to act like they are against The Health Care "Reform" . I want to let them know I will do it for FREE! I am totally against it, but I live in a state where our Congressmen are smart enough to vote against it so we are not having these brainwashing meetings. I want to rant and rave at the lies the Democrats are telling us, too.


Being against Government run health care and children getting vaccinations have no connections whatsoever! They get the shots now without Government Health Care being on control.

Update 2:

Concerned Citizen, I hope your reply was in response to the one who accused me of wanting young children to die from lack of getting vaccinations. I totally agree with your what you say - I just was afraid of being "a violation" if I said that.

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    Why would you be against an American child having more chance of growing into adulthood without dying of a preventable disease, than a child in say Cuba?

    Do you care so little about American children that you are prepared to give up your time to go to your town hall and demand that American children should be treated with less care than children in many other countries in the world?

    I guess it's the land of the free after all.


    It's nothing to do with getting 'shots', look at the list of all the countries that have a lower death rate amongst children than the U.S. in the CIA world fact book, and they all have one thing in common.

    Universal health care available for everyone free at the point of delivery. If the Czech republic can afford it, why can't the U.S?

    Join the 21st century, it's not as scary as you think.

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    Keep calm-you have not a clue as to what you are talking about. Every child has the option of growing up with access to health care. If the parents are deadbeat it's called medicaid, if the parents care one wit for the child its called PRIVATE health care. The last thing we need is for the government to get involved in yet another aspect of our lives. I too am from a state that will NOT be voting for this atrocity, but I am going to a town hall meeting where no doubt the left will be spewing their lies and misinformation about this bill. I will be there to defend our senators option in choosing a No to this garbage.

  • If it was the Liberals the media would be calling them Hero's...the Voice of the People...Democracy in action. But since the same tactics are being used by the right against the Media Sweethearts the are rabble and Nazi's and what ever else nANCY pELOZI wants to label them...

    Remember Cindy Sheehan??? in every Republicans face and LOVED by the Liberal Media???? Same tactic....

    Now for truth about th liberal Democrat Senate Watch Senator Coburns Interview....

    Then scroll down to the whiners against protesters....Funny....

    changing the health care preference of 300 million people to 'care for' 12 million unemployed or underemployed.

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    If Cornelius thinks it is so great, then why don't our congressmen want to participate in this wonderful plan? When the Senate tried to add an amendment that they would be included in the plan for the public, they turned that down immediately. Wonder Why? ( this has been answered by another with the link to the senator's speech) They know it is a death sentence for seniors - which most of them are or close to it.

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    Rant on, brother. Dem's just hate it when the "exchange of ideas" isn't just their own ideas. Their thinking is "how dare common sense citizens question the all-knowing government".

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