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Extra nutrition for budgie pair with their first baby?

My pair just had their first baby hatch yesterday and are feeding it well. Hopefully the other three eggs will hatch in the days to come. I'd like to know what other foods might help them raise their babies successfully. They have a fortified seed mix and of course fresh water, spray millet etc but is there anything else? I've put fresh fruit and veggies in for them before but the only thing they'll touch is leaf lettuce. Anyone have any sugestions? Other than the cuttlebone they have, how do I increase the calcium for the hen?


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    The best source of extra nutrition is soaked sprouting seed,

    Soak some of the seed in warm water over night ,drain ,rinse .place somewhere warm ,till it sprouts(2-3 days)rinse and when it starts to sprout feed it to your birds right through the rearing period,

    Don't give them lettuce leaf it is "Not" good for them,you would be better giving them a little Broccoli.

    Broccoli is also a good source of calcium but don't give up the Cuttlebone.

    Source(s): Ex breeder over 45 years of breeding birds.
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    Beet Greens

    Broccoli Leaves

    Broccoli Stem

    Cabbage (outside green leaves)



    Chinese Cabbage

    Collards (cooked)

    Dandelion Greens


    Eggshells/Egg food



    Lettuce Dark Green Leaf

    Mustard Greens

    Orange or Tangerine



    Turnip Greens



    Yellow Wax Beans

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    Your budgie pair can use some extra protein to keep them in good health. Offer them hard-boiled eggs or commercial egg food (you can buy at any pet store). As for calcium, besides cuttlebone or mineral block, broccoli has plenty of calcium for your parakeets. You may want to check with your avian vet as to what vitamins to give your parakeets. The vet can suggest the right calcium and/or vitamin supplement for your parakeets and tell you how much to give them. Sprouted seeds also have many nutrients for your parakeets, including vitamins A, B, E, calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, and selenium. Some seeds that are easy to sprout are sunflower, sesame, alfalfa, and chickpeas. As for fruits and veggies, try to offer them raw as opposed to cooked, because raw is healthier.

    Source(s): Owned parakeets for 15 years
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    try looking for vitamins at ur local pet store

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