Why do Koreans always copy or say they are the same as japanese ?

I have lived in Japan for a long time. Just becuz they are asian doesnt mean they are all the same at all.Korean mimic Japanese products, TV programs, laws and social systems, steal its culture.

And they want everything in Japan.

Because Korea has poor history, poor culture and rich vanity.

many people think japanese and korean are the same. ninja is japanese culture, so is kabuki and kendo and judo sumo. yet koreans always claim they are japanese and japanese are koreans.

koreans make so many bogus claims like chinese characters was invented by koreans,koreans established sumerian culture all the way to ancient egypt. koreans have no culture of there own they are just a chinese tributary and trampled by its neighbors throughout history. koreans copy alot of products from japan without permission even its dramas are knock offs of japanese originals.

Korea isnt that great they are promoting there culture of cheating & copyign almost everything.

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south koreans dont even use chinese characaters anymore just a alphabetic writing system called hangul, They are just mad because the world doesnt really pay attention to them.

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