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How can I wear this scarf?


I just bought this, and now that it's unfolded, I'm not quite sure how to wear it! I'd like for it to drape nicely across my chest. It's not really intended for staying warm, just as a cute accessory.

I'd like for it to turn out kinda like this link below. How can I get it to be that way? Instructions would be lovely.


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    i've seen the scarves before (in the second link)

    and they arent like the normal scarves, they're more like bandanas.

    i saw some at Buckle, and they are actually triangular shaped.

    im not sure if you could wing it to turn out that way....

    but if so, it would have to be closer to a square shape and you would fold it into a triangle..

    or you could be bold and just cut it into a triangle that can wrap (REALLY) loosely around your neck.

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    1 decade ago

    Ok it is REALLY hard to explain but here's how you do the hot topic one:

    1. Drape the scarf on BACKWARDS. (the two ends of the scarf are behind you)

    2. Cross one side to the other and bring it forward ( ex: Take the one on the right and cross it over to the left so it's on your chest)

    3. Do it to the other side

    4. Pull the two sides of the scarf so it is tight around your neck.

    5. Loosen the scarf around your neck as much as desired (the one in Hot Topic was loosened A LOT)

    Like I said hard to explain! Just keep trying and looking at the Hot Topic picture. You should be able to get it. If you REALLY can't get it, email me.

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    to pull that drape look here are my try in instructions

    1. lay the scarf out flat and neat

    2.grab each opposite corners (eg. right top, left bottom)

    3.the corners that your not holding make those two touch and fold neatly into a triangle

    4 make sure you still have holds of the corners

    now wrap it around your neck

    5.make each end of the scarf over lap or cross eachother

    6. pull the ends and let it rest on your chest

    7. if its not long enough to do that then just tie it

    Source(s): i really hope i helped
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    i have that scarf and i wore it like twice haha but you just fold it diagonaly then you fold it a little then you put it up and around like your putting a neclace on and then swich the sides of the two fabrics in the back of you and let them drape down in the front and tuck them under the front peice. i learned by trying for about 10 mins. i tried to help hard to explain. try a youtube video sure they got some.

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    ok so the scarf you saw i think is square so that may not work...

    try folding in half take the loose ends and put it through the folded side like a loop not then put over your neck and foof it.

    or you could wear it like in the picture like a regular scarf

    alsooo you can wear a plain shirt and put it over your neck draping down long.

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    okay first lay the scarf completely flat then take one corner of it and fold it over to the other corner now it should be in a triangular shape then your going to put it around your neck and instead of tying the ends in the back then bring them around the oppisite side so that it doesnt come off =]

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    1 decade ago

    Ok take a plain white shirt and wrp that aroubd ur neck and dont ket it hang and wear it with jeans with flip flops and some bracelets thAT is a totally cute laib=d back look!

    Source(s): me dude if i had that i would toitally wear this im jealous lol
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    those are two different types of scarves. the one in the second pic is like a square; && the one you have bought is more of a rectangle if that makes any sense. but yeahh to get the one in the second pic you would have to just buy one thats made like that; && you;ll just have to wear the one you bough like a normal way or something.

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    wrap it loosely around your neck like in the picture and hide the edges under the scarf. thats how i would do it. you can also pin it under the scarf. hope i helpd ^.^

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    O im sorry i don't know how to do that either.

    But i bet youtube has videos on how to do it.

    BTW cute choice! that scarf is ah-dorable

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