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Need help on pokemon team!!!?

I want to include a gengar into my team. I already know two moves that he will have which are perish song and mean look. I need two other moves to go with it, the right nature, where to properly distribute ev's, and which item to attach to him. please help!!!

Also if you could recommend any pokemon to add to my team that would be great.

*** Only have gengar and bronzong!!!

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    Take a look at smogon; it has everything you'll need to know such as EV distribution for whatever kind of Gengar you want. I advise you to have a physical attacker, a status inflicting wall, and a revenge killer.

    A good physical attacker would be Gyarados with Taunt, which can stop opponents trying to boost stats or inflict a status to you.

    EVs: 156 HP / 108 Atk / 100 Def / 144 Spe Adamant Nature

    Give it Leftovers and these moves: Dragon Dance, Stone Edge, Taunt, and Waterfall.

    It's really helpful against walls or spikers like Skarmory or Blissey. This Gyarados should use taunt, therefore they have to attack you, or switch out. They shouldn't be strong enough to do much damage, except for Thunderbolt from Blissey. Use Dragon Dance until you reach a desired stat (usually 1 or 2 is good) or until they switch.

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