what happened between eminem and mariah carey?

i jus wanted to know what happened between them

cuz i heard this song that eminem rote for mariah carey and it was pretty offensive. thanks!

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    eminem has a song called "Bagpipes" and he says “Mariah, what ever happened to us, why did we have to break up… Nick Cannon better back the **** up. I’m not playing, I want her back, you punk.” ... Mariah came back at him in her song "Obsessed". he got really mad that Mariah called him a liar and that she basically humiliated him so he decided to come out with "Warning" (the song ur talkin about).

    she's yet to come out with a response, but Nick came out with one:


    i personally think the whole thing's childish... she needs to stop lying and Em needs to just leave her and Nick alone.

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    Mariah Was Working On Her New CD Called Charmbracelet Back In 02-03 And Was Thinking On Collaborating With Eminem. Mariah Was Flying Back And Forth To See Him (She Was With Her Two Best Friends/Back up Singers. Eminem Saw This As A "Relationship" He Got Mad When They "Broke Up" And........... 1. Eminem Came Out With A Song Called Superman Or Another Song I Don't Remember Cause I Don't Listen TO Him. 2. Mariah Came Out With A Song Called Clown And Supposedly Was Toward Eminem 3. Eminem Came Out With His Tour Whatever And Played Some "Mariah Voice Mails" Talking About Why Don't You Call Me And **** Like That. Which Was SO Not True He Got Another Girl To Do MC's Voice But Failed. (Mariah Tried To Sue Him But Couldn't). ................Several Years Later..... 5.Mariah Got Mad And Did Obsessed And Was Connected With A Boy Liking A Girl And Won't Leave Her Alone And Also Connected With Mean Girls The Movie When Regina George Says Why You So Obsessed With Me? Eminem Think's The Song Is About Him. 6. Then Eminem Comes Out With His Diss Called Bags From Baghdad. 7.Nick Cannon Comes Out With A Weak Diss Called Slick Rick And Shut's Up. 8. Eminem Comes Out With The Warning. 9. Everyone Just Shut's Up For Good. 10. Everyone Is Waiting For The Feud To Come Back To Life.

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    when mariah carey hit rock bottom with her career and going into rehab, apparantly, she and eminem dated. Although Mariah denies dating Eminem.

    Eminem got pissed that Mariah denied it and first made references to it in "Superman" back in 2002. He then made another reference in "Bagpipes from Baghdad." Then Mariah made her "obsessed" video with her making fun of Eminem. Mariah denied the video and song was about Eminem. Eminem retailated by releasing "The Warning" just 2 weeks ago.

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    Well Eminem reportedly said that they dated before the whole Nick Cannon And Mariah Carey... Mariah Carey denies the claims, and they get into a fight. She also made a song for him called Obsessed... Pretty good song actually I have it on my mp3 :)...

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    six(1) words(2):

    Food(3) fight(4) and(5) google(6)

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