Wow, was Rush right, he predicted that American people were going to rise up against Obama, and is that?

Happening right now, ?

Obama is calling the rise against him the Mob?

How strange is that, ?

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    1 decade ago
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    I never listened to Rush before, because I do not listen to talk Radio, but he and Hannity and OReilly are leading us to Freedom, out of this dark oppression called the Obama/Axelrod corruption...

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    It's not strange it's scary. Of course the people are rising up against him. He's threatened to force a bill through Congress that most Americans don't want. He forced a stimulus on us that most Americans didn't want. He was voted in to represent the people and so far all he's represented is special interests. Taxation without representation led war before. So it's no surprise that people would protest this. What's really sad is that the President of the US is using intimidation tactics to silence his opponents. The Speaker of the House is referring to protesters as "astroturf" and associating peaceful protesters with Nazis. They're staging townhall meetings in full propagandist fashion. And his supporters still have the nerve to claim that Bush was unconstitutional. Jeebus, there are none so blind as those who will not see. Fortunately, aside from the whacko libs on here, most people are waking up to all this crap.

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    I don't get it. The time to have "risen up" was during the election. If the majority didn't want him to be president, then the majority would have voted against him. The shouting unruly people are called a "mob" not because they protest or present views that are different/opposite. They are referred to as a "mob" because they are disruptive. You don't have to chant and shout over others to protest.

  • Rush has been doing this a long time. He predicted the Blue dog switch of 94. the general public was not near this upset with Democrats then as they are now.

    So yes. Rush is right

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  • 1 decade ago

    Funny isn't it? How Democrats love to protest....unless it is them that are the target of concerned citizens.

    Yes it is happening and I love how Obama and Peolsy are acting like spoiled 12 year olds who were told NO by their parents.

    I am concerned though that the man with his finger on the button can't act like an adult or like a leader of the free world.

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    Anyone who did not have glaze on their face could see this coming but know try to convince some of these idiots who still don't believe

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    1 decade ago

    that is because republicans are bunch of type a personalities that are use to winning -- we need to just shove in their face - the GOP is ridicules

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