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i need help for my computer...please help...?

i was on my comp and then i was on a site and then my comp got all slow, so i closed the site and tried to re open mozilla but when i did it kept saying page could not be found even though my internet was working perfectly fine, my msn worked fine and yea. but i tried mozilla and internet explorer and they both took forever to load and when they did load it was all blank, this happened to every site. i use a xp computer. my friend told me he had the same problem and he said that it went away when he left the computer off for 4 days i did the same but i turned it on in the 3rd day just to check and i left it off the night. it didnt work, its pissing me off now, my cousin tells me to go find if i have it on work offline or sumthin but i dont know where to look for that and i looked in options but nothing is there. so i need help do i need a new one or is there something i can do to work it. thanks

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    You could have picked up a D.O.S attack virus, this is a denial of service which affects your browsing. try this and update your antivirus and scan.

    Obviously you need will get someone to put it on a USB memory key for you to install and scan.

    The only other option to to take it to a professional.

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