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properties of waves, independent studies course.?

water travels from an area of shallow water to an area of deeper water. describe two things that you would expect to see.( assume the frequency of the wave source remains constant). thank-you to anyone who could answer this question for me.

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    Well, I don't think you can just say that water naturally flows from a shallow area to a deeper one. Water is not like a gas. The flow of water depends on a highest differential and upon the pull of gravity.

    I'm not even sure that "water waves" has anything at all to do with the above stated process except maybe in terms of creating an interference pattern. But, let's assume that it does. The two things that are wave related that comes to mind is:

    1. The waves have to "add" to one another in a constructive way.

    2. The wave phases would have to be in-step, or zero difference between them.

    3. Probably the water temperature would have to be the same.

    Hope that helps out.

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