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Bathroom renovation ideas/advice?

We are thinking about having our shower redone. We bought this house in December and knew right off the bat that we would redo the shower in the master bathroom.

In the corner of our bathroom we have a large roman style tub. We have a cheap looking standup shower. It has the arcrylic base and it smells!!

Anyway my husband wants to completely remove the roman tub and install a double shower. I think we should just replace the shower in its current location and keep the roman tub. DO you think having a roman tub in the master bath is a selling feature for the house? We have a regular sized tub in our spare bath. Any suggestions?

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    I enjoy home decor & staging & things like that. I believe that people really enjoy having a stand up shower, & a tub. It definitely is a PLUS ! If the tub is old & Gross however I don't think you should keep it. If it is up to date & not hideous than keep it. Women like baths, Men like showers. & in a master bathroom it is deff a plus. Good luck with your remodel. im also in the process of remodeling my bathroom. going on 1 week here lol.

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    I somewhat have purely refitted my en-suite. the hot bathe, tray, arrogance unit and loo have been offered online for £578 the tiles have been £a hundred which grow to be 25cm sq. undeniable white tiles and mosaic tiles to function shade. £60 for chrome trims to spruce it up and £30 for brand spanking new skirting board. The previous tiles have been on plasterboard so could desire to no longer be bumped off without wrecking it. around the bathe I used aquapanels that are high priced yet I believe them greater that drywall and all different plasterboard grow to be the fairway moisture resistant type which grow to be approximately £60. New towel rad grow to be £a hundred it needed the previous fittings replaced from horizontal to vertical and a small quantity of re plumbing using length ameliorations.the bathe mixer grow to be £one hundred twenty. I additionally ran earth bonding because of the fact the previous did no longer have it to make it adjust to area p. So with different odds and sods ( ply for the floor, etc) it grow to be around £1000 for supplies. I somewhat have equipped lots of kitchens and lavatories and it took me some week and a 0.5. i could anticipate a greater healthful to cost a minimum of £2 hundred an afternoon if he grow to be multi experienced adequate to do each thing which makes it £1400, so shall we call it £2500. Then upload the plumber and London component say £1000 which makes it approximately £3500. i think of i could desire to absorb this plumbing lark professionally as I in uncomplicated terms do it myself because of the fact each and every time i'm getting a plumber in I continually finally end up finding on the great activity questioning i could have achieved that greater suitable myself. shame, i can't positioned my selection on right here ;-)

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