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Can someone tell me where I can find the history of diabetes?

I need the discover or founder of diabetes and a background information about it.

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    History Diabetes Mellitus.

    The history of diabetes mellitus dates back to ancient Egypt, where its symptoms were described around 2000 B.C. The Greeks later gave the disease its name in the first century A.D. The word diabetes means siphon, which describes a major symptom of the condition, frequent urination. Mellitus means honey, and depicts one of the early signs of diabetes, sugar in the urine.

    Diabetes Timeline.

    1000 B.C.- An Indian physician, Susruta, discovers diabetes.

    100 B.C.- Greek physician Aretaeus names the disease diabetes after the word dia-bainein -"to siphon."

    1650- Thomas Willis describes the sugared taste of urine in people with diabetes.

    1750- Cullen, a scientist, adds mellitus - Greek for "honey-sweet"- to the term diabetes.

    1869- Paul Langerhans describes the islet cells of the pancreas.

    1901- Eugene Opie links diabetes with islet cells.

    1920- R.D. Lawrence develops the dietary exchange system.

    1921- Canadians Frederick Banting and Charles Best discover insulin.

    In the fall of 1920 Dr. Frederick Banting had an idea that would unlock the mystery of the dreaded diabetes disorder. Before this, for thousands of years, a diabetes diagnosis meant wasting away to a certain death. Working at a University of Toronto laboratory in the very hot summer of 1921 Fred Banting and Charles Best were able to make a pancreatic extract which had anti diabetic characteristics.

    The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1923 for the discovery of insulin was divided between Frederick G. Banting and John J. R. Macleod. The choice of this combination of Laureates has been much debated ever since the prize was awarded. Thus, for instance Banting shared his part of the prize amount with his younger coworker Charles Best.

    1936- PZI, a long acting insulin, is developed.

    1938- NPH insulin is created.

    1952- Lente insulin is introduced.

    1956- Oral medications-sulfonylureas--are developed for people with type 2.

    1961- Becton-Dickinson markets a single-use syringe.

    1969- Ames Diagnostics creates the first portable blood glucose meter.

    1979- The hemoglobin A1c test is created for the precise measurement of blood sugar control.

    1979- The Derma-Ject needle-free insulin delivery system is marketed by The Derata Corporation.

    1983- Humulin insulin is invented.

    1992- Lispro is tested by Eli Lilly.

    1993- The Diabetes Control and Complications Trial concludes that the best diabetes management is "tight control."

    1995- Precose and Metformin are approved for use by type 2s.

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    wikipedia is always pretty good. they offer links at the bottom to show where they got the information so you can there and check. any credible online encyclopedia or real encyclopedia.

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