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Using virtual private network to access sites like Hulu from Canada.?

I'm thinking of hooking up with a VPN so that I can access U.S. video streaming sites from Canada. I have heard that Hotspot Shield is a good free service. I'm quite the newbie at this. Is this easy to set up? Is it legal and safe to use sites like Does anyone have some advice or a how to site that can help me get started on setting up the VPN? Any concerns I should have?


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    It will depend on the sites, if they allow you to!

    VPN is normally used to access net work and network resources. I am not sure how much helpful it will be for you, as your purpose appears to be much different.

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    You misunderstood what 192.168.x.x address actually does.... and what your linksys "router" really is. Those addresses are in special class. The only specal thing about it is, they do not go beyond the closest router. What you have, such as Linksys is not exactly a router in traditional sense. They are called NAT devices. NAT stands for Network Address Translation. Your computer's address, when going though the Linksys device becomes the address that NAT recieved from your Internet service provider. So, from outside, your computer and the whole network look like something else, something like 24.x.x.x. If you are using a real router or a switch, this translation does not happen, and your 192.168.x.x will never go through it.

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    I downloaded Hotspot Shield for free here

    It's a really nice software.

    Bye Bye

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