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Homeless owned by China and dissenters are still in a free speech zone - How is that war on terror going?


Bush said they hated America because of the freedoms Americans had

And then promptly surrendered freedoms of Americans as fast as he could

Tent cities mass homelessness and owned by communist China

How has the war on terror going

Should Americans surrender more freedoms for a non existent security ?

Update 2:

Angela Q

Look around

All those billions that went into this so called war on terror --- was borrowed money - which is how the US ended up broke and owned by China and why there is a bankrupt economy -- The economy George destroyed to finance a war against terror --- is why there is mass homelessness in the US

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    Sad as it is, liberty just isn't popular anymore.

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    There was never any intention for the "War on Terror" to aid homelessness.∠°)

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    wow i see that the freedom to make grammatical errors is still pretty intact.

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