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how does a girl pee standing up?

i know its possible but i need directions. i need to learn in like a couple days because im going camping and i hateee public toilets

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    Girls can pee standing up, and if they get good enough at the technique, they can pee through the fly of pants.

    The websites in the sources below (not pornographic, BTW) explain in detail how women can pee standing. I'll try to sum up the instructions here as well.

    A girl can use her fingers, in an inverted "V", to spread her labia apart. This means both inner AND outer labia. Doing this clears the way for a solid pee stream to emerge, so that it doesn't run down the leg or spray everywhere. She often also needs to lift up on her "girl parts", to direct the stream forward instead of downward. Spreading the legs (to help "open things") and arching the body forward also aids in effective performance.

    After she pees, she may need to stop rather abruptly in order not to dribble with the last bit of pee; such muscle control is aided through the performance of Kegel exercises. Alternatively, she may simply need to hold some toilet paper underneath to catch the dribble. But if the correct control is gained, she may be able to avoid wiping altogether, simply because there may be no mess or dribble involved.

    It is recommended that this be practiced in the shower, where messes made during practice will not matter. While thus practicing, a girl can get used to exactly where to place her fingers and where exactly to pull to get the stream going correctly. I have read many stories of women practicing doing this until they got very good at it - so good that, with practice, they can go through the fly!

    So as you can see, it is a myth that girls can't pee standing. Nor is there any reason to think it's "sick" or "perverse", as long as no sexual aspects are artificially read into it. Spreading the labia is no more "strange" than a boy holding his penis to aim when he pees; both are analogous to one another, as both allow proper aim in the different sexes.

    I should mention in passing that IMO letting any girl know about this technique is doing her a service. I think every woman should know how to pee standing. For one thing, if they do it correctly, they will not have to remove much clothing if they need to pee in the wild or in a relatively non-private setting. They may also be able to get done quicker (if female urinals existed, a lot of problems involving enormous female restroom queues would be removed), and won't feel the need to either sit on or uncomfortably hover above filthy public toilet seats.

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    How To Pee Standing Up

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    Oh my god! I was having the same dilemma when I went to camp with my school. There were like 4 of my best friends there, and we all went to the forest together, and all you have to do is put two hands on something, like a tree branch, that's angled two ways, and balance yourself, like you don't touch the ground (Bugs. Eww.) and pee as fast as you can. My first try was actually pretty successful (actually meaning I didn't get left-over urine on my pants) though my friend insisted a bug crawled up her uhm - part - hahaha....

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    Practice in the shower!

    And this might help:

    Here's some devices that you can probably make at home from plastic protected cardboard, or a funnel cut to shape. You do have to WASH them after for reuse.

    Your local sporting goods store MIGHT have these in their camping equipment. (Get a female clerk to help you!)

    You're not the only one. And I guarantee your camping buddies will all wish THEY had the same stuff, so if you bring spares to give away you will be the most popular in the group!

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    pee standing up fast

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    its dodgy, but when i went camping i had to do the same!!! just open your legs (ensure trousers are off) and pee!!

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    Squat over the toilet. Don't sit on it...or stand over it for that matter.

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    ya i know what your talking about they are duty. you bend /squt over the toilet

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