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Yugioh : What are your comments on my Pirece Deck?

Pierce Deck

Monsters 25

Blackwing Bora the Spear x3

Spear Dragon x3

Enraged Battle Ox x3

Gaia Soul of Combustive Collective x3

gyaku-gire panda x2

Mad Sword Beast x2

Dark triceratops x2

Majestic Mech – Goryu x3

Evil Hero Malicious Edge x2

Ancient Gear Golem x2

Spells 18

Mage Power x3

Ballista of Rampart Smashing x3

United we stand

Swords of Revealing Light

Shrink x2

Soul Exchange x2

Creature Swap

Malevolent nuzzler x2

Axe of Despair x3

Traps 7

Magic Cylinder

Scrap Iron Scarecrow

Trap Jammer x2

Giant Trunade

Royal Decree

Chain Burst

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    The deck certainly isn't bad, however I think you could make it more effective if you took advantage of all of your monsters piercing ability. Also you don't need so many equips, Mage power and Axe of despair will more than suffice. I would take out the ballista's and the Nuzzler's for 3 Book of Moon and 1-2 book of eclipse. This way you can guarantee your opponents monsters will be in def so you can pierce through them. Also if your opp. tries to attack you you can book their monster then attack it on your turn. Also use Seven Tools or Trap Stun over Trap Jammer, as Trap jammer cannot stop Solemn or Dark bribe, nor can it stop Icarus attack out side of the battle phase and you will see those three a lot. I think you can take our chain burst, maybe for Swords of Concealing light again to give your monsters a better chance at piercing. And why is Airknight Parshath not in here!? He's one of the best piercers in the game, he may be a 1900 5 star, but he gives you a +1 everytime her attacks, and with the books and swords of concealing you don't have to worry about his power. Plus you have a lot of equips so you can make him stronger. Also burden of the mighty is a nice card to weaken your opponents monsters so Airknight can beat them allowing you to draw, free draws are ALWAYS a good thing. Anyway those are my suggestions, hope they help you, good luck!

    Source(s): 6 years playing the game
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    Very good on staying on theme but if you want a card for more piercing power here is the card i recommend. Fairy Meteor Crush

    Source(s): Experience
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