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If ur in USA and you have canadian international stamps can you still use them to mail to Canada?

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    No, the Canadian stamps are only valid if you drop it in a Canada Post box (i.e. the red ones, only found in Canada). If the U.S., you'll have to get U.S. postate, valid for the United States Postal Service, which would allow you to drop the envelope in an American box (generally blue IIRC).

  • Randy
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    1 decade ago

    Certainly not. The USPS will only accept mail with their stamps on it for entry into the mail system. For mail that is already in the system and coming from another country they will accept that because the other country pays them to but to start the process in the US you must get a US stamp on it or they will send it back to you.

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    I don't think so--they're for mailing FROM Canada. Why don't you call up a post office?

  • JP
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    1 decade ago


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