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Can I put bottled water in my fish aquarium? I want to lower the pH.?

My pH is super high due to hard water, but I only have a 5 gallon with tetras so I can't do anything drastic since its such a small tank. I wanted to add bottled water when I do my weekly 25% water changes. I would only use a couple of bottles and the rest of my tap water. It is reverse osmosis with magnesium chloride and some other things. Is this ok or bad? Plz explain, thanks

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    It's OK to use bottled water in an aquarium, as long as the bottled water doesn't contain chlorine (most bottled water does not).

    To lower the pH, though, you will need to use mostly bottled water, not just a little, especially if your tap water is hard and has a high pH. Without getting into too much chemistry here, your tap water will have a lot of "buffering capacity" you will need to overcome. Using bottled water is not very practical on a larger tank, but on a five-gallon tank it might be workable. Use about four parts bottled water to one part dechlorinated tap water (because you want a little mineral content in the water). If that doesn't get your pH low enough, increase the proportion of bottled water and decrease the proportion of tap water until you get the desired result. Don't expect an instant drop in pH, though. Bottled water is usually quite soft with a neutral pH, so your hardness will drop immediately when you add the new water, but your pH will gradually turn more acid (over days or even weeks) due to biological processes in the tank.

    By the way, my first real aquarium was a five-gallon tank with some neon tetras.

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    With water this alkaline i can assure you that no longer something speedy will artwork. ingredients will in basic terms bounce the ph around and reason extra harm then stable. Driftwood and peat moss, which do tend to diminish the ph, will do no longer something while the PH is already this severe. the only determination has already been stated, which replaced into to combination it with distilled or opposite osmosis taken care of water in a stability that provides you what you want. See, alkaline (severe ph) water contains salts and minerals that make it alkaline. Any ingredients, timber, etc. will make a contribution to objective to combat it, yet won't get rid what's inflicting it interior the 1st place continues to be there- so the water will combat lower back, and you will under no circumstances win. in the adventure that your faucet water extremely is this severe then the above stated mixing of water is your in basic terms effective option. in case you're taking ph 6 water and combine it at the same time with your 9, with a bit of luck you are able to attain a happy medium. understand that on an identical time as your fish must be cautioned at ph 7, any common aquarium fish can somewhat cope with as much as eight or so, and many times extra. additionally undergo in concepts that PH doubles with each and each fee. So the version between 6.8 and six.9 is a lot, much less then the version between 9 and 9.one million. At your ranges it somewhat is going to become extra good to administration and could be risky for this reason: Ammonia and Nitrite are extra deadly as a results of fact the PH gets bigger. With a ph of 6 an ammonia point of one million would be potential, at a PH of 9, it somewhat is deadly. So your determination at this component is to bypass for the period of the attempt of procuring for or filtering water for your self, or leaving in the back of fish altogether and attempting perhaps reptiles or some thing else. FYI, the reason faucet water is many times a minimum of impartial and many times alkaline is as a results of the fact acid water (under ph 7) rusts the steel of the pipes of the water gadget.

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    Peat or driftwood, some people don't like using this becuase it makes your water turn brownish. This is due to the tanning being released from the wood, which is what lowers the pH. Frequent water changes and changing the carbon in your filter will eventually clear your water up.Another way is to let the driftwood soak before putting it in the tank so most of the tanin is released.Depending on how much you add it may not lower it signifigantly but if it works it's a more permanant adjustment.

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    If you filled your whole tank with bottled water you would be fine. Bottled water (make sure it has no salt or additives) is completely Ph neutral AND it contains no trace metals or chlorine, so you don't even have to use water conditioner. Try scooping out the water that's in there with a cup. If you use a siphon, it may remove a TON of beneficial bacteria. Make sure you let the heater and filter run for about an hour before your re-add your fish!

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    "Bottled water" is a product of its source.... so it can be RO/Distilled/Spring.

    Distilled/RO water has to be reconstituted (minerals/electrolytes added back).... so I'd say fine for "topping-off" (when things are condensed due to evaporation),but no as far as water changes (used as the only make-up water).Spring water can actually be just as alkaline,so test the different brands to find one "right".

    Simplest is filtering through peat moss to lower pH/soften water.You add it to your filter by placing it into a media bag and then placing in filter.

    This is simplest,safest,most effective way to lower home-sourced water that is high in alkalinity/hardness.Will give a tint to the water... but that is exactly what most Tetras live in in the wild.

    Just search "filter through peat moss"... all sorts of methods.One will be right for you.

    You can also buffer down with driftwood if you have room.

  • yes you can add bottled water

    and they sell stuff to lower the ph from now on if you have to use hard water change to just using bottled water and get a test kit for ph and everything else

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    petco recommends you use spring water. You can get it at walmart. You buy it buy the gallons. It helps keep your fish healthy and your tank clean. Hope this helps.

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