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Portgas D Ace, is he dead?


not! he's my fave character. DONT LET HIM DIE!!!!!!!!!(im a one piece newbie)

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    ---- SPOILER ALERT ---

    No fortunately for us he's not dead. :D

    He was about to be executed when Sengoku revealed that he was Gol D. Roger's son, but Whitebeard and tons of ships from the New World that are affilated with Whitebeard raged war against the World Government which was exactly what they wanted. The whole point of his arrest and execution was pretty much to start war with Whitebeard by executing one of his own "sons" (Thats how WB refers his crewmates.)

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    RE: Do You Think Portgas D. Ace is really dead? The new spoilers seem to confirm his death if so this could be the 1st major character to die in One Piece that isn't in a flashback!! :O

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    The execution has been interrupted by WhiteBeard and his allies from the New World. If WhiteBeard manages to be defeated, then it's likely Ace would die. I mean I doubt Luffy would beat the 3 Admirals (Kuzan, Borsalino, Sakazuki), Sengoku, the Vice-Admirals, and the other Marine powerhouses.

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    He's not dead yet, he could still die, although with Luffy and Whitebeard fighting his case I don't see it likely.

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    no he's not dead

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