Which player would u rather have?

Make a team

PG: Deron Williams or CP3

SG: Joe Johnson or Brandon Roy

SF: Trevor Ariza or Hedo Turkoglu

PF: Pau Gasol or Kevin Garnett

C: Yao (Healthy) or D12


PG: JJ Barea or Shannon Brown

SG: Ben Gordon or Manu Ginobli

SF: Matt Barnes or Mikael Piertrus

PF: Jeff Green (OKC) or Brandon Bass

C: Nenad Krisic or Rasho Nestrovic

Then Pick 2 more of these guys

Mike Dunleavy, Brandon Morrow, Hilton Armstrong, Kyle Korver, Desgana Diop, Kwame Brown, Marc Gasol, James Jones, Nicholos Batum

Make a team from these players and tell me why you chose them

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The Guard decisions were tough and came down to personal preference.

    The reason I chose Ariza over urkoglu is ebcause Turkoglu's strength is playmaking, which is something you already have in Roy and Paul (Who can get their own shots). Also, with Roy, you have to make the rest of the palyers defensive oriented to cover for him (Same with Johnson).

    I chose KG over Gasol because Gasol sometimes doesn't try on D. Roy is already a player suspect on defense and this team doesn't need another one.

    Dwight over Yao was by virtue of the fact that he protects the rim better. I mean Yao has more height and arms, but dwight's jumping makes up for it. Also, Yao is vulerable to being fronted, Dwight just rolls to the rim.

    Barea's a specialist: a quick guard. Brown is stronger and a better finisher.

    Gordon gets MURDERED on screens all game long. I mean, he can score 40 on any given night, but he can give up 40 also. Besides, there is already plenty of offense in the starting unit, while what the bench needs in D. Ginobli.

    Pietrus was my pick because he does everything Barnes does offensively + dunk + play D.

    Brandon Bass is a good rebounder and even though he is undersized, Brown, at 6' 4" 220 PG, can help make up for a lack of bench size.

    Krstic is younger, has better numbers and makes a much higher career FT %.

    Korver was picked because there were no other long-range threats (Maybe Ariza or CP3) on a consistent basis. Gasol was my pick because basically he was the best player left.

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  • 1 decade ago

    PG: CP3

    SG: Brandon Roy

    SF: Hedo Turkoglu

    PF: Kevin Garnett

    C: D12


    PG: Shannon Brown

    SG: Manu Ginobli

    SF: Matt Barnes

    PF: Brandon Bass

    C: Rasho Nestrovic

    Mike Dunleavy, Desgana Diop

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  • 1 decade ago


    Brandon Roy

    Hedo Turkoglu

    Kevin Garnett


    Shannon Brown

    Manu Ginobli

    Mikael Pietrus

    Brandon Bass

    Nenad Krisic

    Kyle Korver, Desgana Diop

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  • 1 decade ago

    PG-Deron Williams

    SG-Joe Johnson

    Sf- Hedo Turkoglu

    Pf- Kevin Garnett

    C-Dwight Howard

    PG-JJ Barea

    SG-Ben Gordon

    Sf-Mikael Peitrus

    Pf-Jeff Green

    C- Rasho Nestrovic

    Kyle Korver and Micholas Batum

    If Deron Williams is on your team they will win!

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  • 1 decade ago


    Brandon Roy

    Hedo Turkoglu

    Kevin Garnett


    Shannon Brown

    Ben Gordon

    Mikael Pietrus

    Jeff Green

    Rasho Nestrovic

    Kyle Korver

    Mike Dunleavy

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Deron Williams

    Brandon Roy

    Trevor Ariza

    Kevin Garnett

    Dwight Howard

    JJ Barea

    Manu Ginobili

    Mikael Pietrus

    Jeff Green

    Nenad Kristic

    Marc Gasol

    Nicholos Batum

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  • 1 decade ago

    hello hello

    Point guard - Chris Paul - The reason i chose Chris Paul is i think that speed and flash are essential in a team by at least one player, and when that player can be an unselfish point guard, it is incredibley important, usually players with both speed, flash and skill, throw up many useless shots, Chris Paul breaks this trend and gives us a point guard with that ability but thinks pass first, i Love Deron Williams, but i wouldnt be able to diversify my play with him as much as i can with CP3

    Shooting guard - Brandon Roy - If i was making a team i would have to think about the future, Joe Johnson is good, but Brandon Roy is also good and he is extremely young with immense potential to be one of the best players in the NBA, he's fast, has a good shot and in a few years given the time to gel with this team, could potentially be one of the biggest threats in any team

    Small Forward - Trevor Ariza - Even though i believe that Hedo is the better player, i think for a championship, a team needs to have a defender that is relentless, all the great teams had one, the Spurs had Bowen, the Bulls of the 90's had Pippen then Rodman, the Lakers of the 80's had Cooper, it is a vital part of any team, and if Ariza is nurtured properly and coached properly, he could be the Rodman or Pippen of this team, Hedo's scoring ability isnt needed as much in a team that has Brandon Roy and CP3 already

    Power Forward - Pau Gasol - I think KG is great and is a better Power Forward than Pau Gasol, but once again, if i was making a team, id have to think to the future, Pau is in his prime and is young really, he's still not even 30, he has toughened up his act and provides great flow to a team that is as fast as this one, i mean CP3, Roy, Ariza, Gasol, thats a fast team, the Spaniards Finesse will compliment this greatly, he also has Championship experience

    Center - Dwight - Dwight is lacking offensive weapons, and even though if Yao was healthy he could probably be the premier Center in the league, he never is healthy, and for this reason Dwight is my optimum choice, Dwight is healthy, Dwight is strong, he gives an inside presence not seen since the early shaq days, the added bonuses are, he's younger than Lebron, his potential is through the roof, and he has a point guard like CP3 to set him up and a good passing forward in Pau Gasol to give him space


    Point Guard - Shannon Brown - He's young, he's fast, he has potential to be a starting line up point guard, he's also played on a championship team, valuable experience to have comming off the bench

    Shooting Guard - Manu Ginobli - Every team needs a veteran to steady them in times of trouble, and when that veteran can also be a potent player, you cant go against him

    Small Forward - Mikael Piertrus - I think one thing my team is so far lacking is a player who can go hot and just blind you with 3's, this is what we call an X factor, Piertrus cannot be denied the fact that he is a great X Factor

    Power Forward - Jeff Green - Easily Jeff Green, this dude posted double digit numbers and is younger than Bass, what a great addition to have off the bench, he's also taller than Bass

    Center - Nenad Kristic - He's a 7 footer, he's an OK player, but the main reason i chose him over Nestrovic, is that Nestrovic is in his 30's, thats a bit too old for someone who cant really give you championship experience or added talent

    2 extra guys

    1 - Marc Gasol - The guy is still very young and it would be nice to see him play alongside his brother, i think it would create better chemistry for the team which valuable, plus he did average double digit numbers through last season, so its not like he isnt talented

    2 - Mike Dunleavy - Dunleavy is a great guy to have on a team, he's on the verge of becomming a real veteran of the game and if injuries did arise you could even start him, he puts up good numbers, has good experience and will compliment Manu Ginobli in the second unit very well

    Well i hope i didnt miss any positions and that i explained each one of them to your liking

    Peace always

    P.S: Maybe im wrong but isnt Brandon Morrow a baseballer?? Did you mean Anthony Morrow?? or did you just chuck it in to see if someone would pick it up??

    Source(s): Source of the Funk
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  • 1 decade ago

    PG: CP3

    SG: Joe Johnson

    SF: Hedo

    PF: Garnett

    C: Dwight


    PG: Brown

    SG: Gordon

    SF: Pietrus

    PF: Green

    C: Kristic

    Pick 2: Brandon Morrow is a pitcher for the Mariners, who went to my high school, and I think you mean Anthony. So, Anthony Morrow and Dunleavy.

    Source(s): JC45
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  • 1 decade ago

    pg cp3 pg jj berea

    sg joe Jhonson sg manu

    sf hedo turkoglu sf mikael piertus

    PF kevin garnett pf brandon bass

    c yao c rasho nestrovic

    mike dunleavy kyle korver

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