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Whats your favourite all time food? Italian , Mexican, Chinese Etc etc??

I am italian and of course I love my real italian food back in Italy but when I came to L.A I tasted alot of mexican and got used of the mexican culture and am so addicted, and in Australia we have alot of chinese and Loveeeeeeeee chhinese.... and I love all types of foods from all over the world brazilian, indian, (ARAB ZOMG YUM KEBABS!

Oh and the good old Irish Mash potatos.Aint food just great??

BWT I am Sicilian Italian and Irish Blood


Oh and let me just add that I love the Mexican Pozole!!! Im pretty sure it wuz a Aztec dish.

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    Irish mashed potatos(your making me hungry:P)

    Italian, australian(outback stkhouse), and chinese.:)

    (Im Irish too:))

    Source(s): my stomach
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  • Paul
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    1 decade ago

    My favoriate food is Italian and my wife is from the Philippines but she

    was a Nanny~in the Philippines where you are a Nanny they have a lot

    of helpers~cooks, maids and even laundry is done for the Nanny too

    all the Nanny has to do is take care of the new born babys

    so she was not allowed in the Kitichen to cook

    but later she got a job in Japan and the Japanese have many different

    kinds of cuisine in Tokyo~~every nationality and this is where my wife

    learned to cook~and I am glad as most of the Philippine cuisine is really

    not to my taste~well maybe Lumpia~spring rolls or pancit noodles or

    anything adoble

    But my wife makes the best Italian and Mexican foods and she also

    managed a Chinese Restaurant owned by some Thai people~~Thai food

    is kind of hot~~and spicy

    But I like Italian food the bes and my family was mostly German.

    German breakfast or Frustuck is good~as it is a great amount of food

    for anyone in the morning~~all kinds of meats and it is more of a dinner

    then a breakfast.

    The Spanish have a couple of good meals I like with rice and all kinds

    of sea food

    •Paella de Marisco – Spanish Seafood Rice. Paella Valenciana originated in the fields of Valencia, where country folk mixed rice with rabbit, snails and vegetables and cooked it over an open fire. It has evolved into Spain’s most well-known dish, where fish, shellfish, meat, pork and/or chicken may be used.

    Source(s): Indian food is good too~my wife picked up this love of curry and all the different dishes were very good and there is a bread called NUN bread~? but its good
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  • Anonymous
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    1. Chinese

    2. Mexican

    3. Italian

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    Hard to choose, but Italian and mexican are both on the top of the list. Its hard to answer that question because it changes every day depending on what Im in the mood for. lol...Tonight was Italian. Yum

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    mexican, chinese MMMMM i also like great N.American fat fat food. i love munching out on donuts and stuff. MM lol. i have the mind of a very fat person, yet the body of a skinny one! Oh and i love when my friends mom makes real italian food. i love pasta fagioli. Im greek btw, but my great grandfather died when he came to canada and when my grandfather was 2. So, the traditions never really stayed. :(.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mostly Italian and Mexican.

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  • I love Indian food. It's amazing. But! I also love real Italian and real Mexican food.'ve made me hungry.

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  • Harry
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    1 decade ago

    man i love food, but im dieting now so i shouldn't have read this hahah

    my favorite food is italian (im italian)

    i like portugese food (paella)

    i like chinese and mexican if there is so msg in it (monosodium glutamate) im allergic to it :( but most chinese places uses it......not sure if mexican places use it, but i have gotten slight reactions after eating mexican, other than that i lie the taste....

    i love love mashed potatoes

    i also just love good ole american food, cheeseburgers, roast beef and gravy, steak, bbq chicken......PIZZAAAAAA

    oh man now im hungry loll

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  • 1 decade ago

    Italian, love pasta and pizza, think I might have been an italian in a past life lol, but love rice too, make loads of stuff with it :)

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