Audition tomorrow help!...sign in sheet, casting director, name slating...etc.?

I'm going to my first audition tomorrow in like...6 years. Kinda nervous! But, excited of course! It's for a car commercial. I'm playing the part of a teen girl who's learning to drive. That's not important though! I want to know the basics of an average audition. First of all. The sign in sheet. I'm aware I have to sign in...but what's on the sheet? Will there be clothing measurements? Other info about me I'll have to figure out? Once in the audition, what will be asked of me? I remember from many years ago that I stand on the marker and they first ask me to slate:

Hi, my name's Jane Doe I'm 18 years old and I'm with Hollywood Talent Agency

Is that what I should say? When I was younger I'd say that at auditions...don't know if anything has changed. Would I still say my age or just say my name and agency?

And, the casting director. I'm sort of nervous about him. Obviously there's a reason he wants me there...because I got called for the audition. But, how do I talk to him? I don't want to be too formal and come off as fake, but I don't want to be too friendly and come off as inexperienced. Is it silly to say 'hi how are you?' while walking into the room?

Also, what is the basic outline of an interview. From start to finish what is the 'usual' thing that they do? You walk in...then what? I don't have any lines as of yet, so I assume I'll get them before the audition to memorize. If this is the case, am I allowed to bring them in the room with me? Will they likely ask me any questions? Like, why are you interested in acting? It is just a commercial audition. Not for a movie or anything.

Sorry for all of the questions...just don't want to make a fool of myself tomorrow morning!

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    there's sometimes clothing measurements, it depends, usually it's when you get into the few final auditions they ask you that, sometimes they don't though, if you look ok.

    you walk into the audition and they ask you things so don't worry about that,

    always smile, even if u r nervous, just don't overdo it.

    they'll probably ask you a few question, if you are going to speak in the commercial, they'll see if your voice is good.

    and yes it's okay to say hi when u go into the room, not how are you though, that's cos you don't really know them.

    Source(s): audition experiece from my sister
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