Lol, I am feeling kinda bad about this...?

I went on a week long trip to the beach last year with a friend and her family. She had invited one other friend to go. I was on facebook today and I see a comment made by the friend that took us, saying that she was in ocean city. With two friends. The friend she took last year and another friend of mine.

I really don't like the ocean because i get sea sick really easy, but I would go in with them from time to time. I guessed that she and my other friend kinda found having me around a bit boring, but we were still having a good time.

I guess the worst part was that the friend she hadn't invited last year said that she wanted to see this movie and I said I'd see it with her. we were supposed to be going this week end, but turns out she is on this vacation.

So I am stuck at home with nothing to do while I kno that three of my friends are on a fun vacation at ocean city. Do you think that this is fair? just wondering. I mean I understand what the friend who was inviting people is thinking: her and I aren't that close anymore, but neither is she and the girl who she has invited both years.

like i said just wanted other peoples opinions, idc wut you say as long as you don't swear/curse. thnx.

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  • Alexis
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    1 decade ago
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    That does sound a little messed up...Did she even tell you before she went? Maybe the other friend she took was feeling like you are, and hated being left out. You never know what she could have been thinking.

    But you do have a right to feel bad :( I would feel bad too if someone did that to me.

  • 1 decade ago

    well you shouldnt have gone to the beach if you dont like the ocean.

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