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Why has president 0bama succumbed to just being a union thug?

his sickcare plan is only a guise to unionize all healthcare workers in America. and we know unions drive up cost and lower quality. Do Americans want their health to become hostage to SEIU and other unions?

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    SEIU Union has been the biggest lobbying force in terms of dollars for Obamacare. SEIU unionizes only 17% of the healthcare force now thanks to private hospitals and clinics. Through Obamacare SEIU will be able to unionize 100% of the American healthcare work force over 10-20 years. Obama is recorded in promising "single payer" to SEIU. under single payer, SEIU will have upwards of 20-30 million members, and will become the most powerful union history has ever seen!

    Obamacare is evil because unions are the closest thing to the devil and communism this country has ever experienced.

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    I am still laughing over this question. Sometimes these forums are better than watching a late-night comedian! Obama's Health Care Reform has nothing to do with unions. Where on earth did you dredge up that idea?

    The Health Care Reform is simply a way of trying to make Health Care affordable for every American. I will wager there are many young people on these forums without insurance, too filled with the joy of youth that they do not realize they are walking on the edge of a precipice that could affect their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

    We have about 60 million people who have no insurance. Many of them are jobless or have low-paying jobs where it would take a week's pay just to visit a doctor. We also have insurance premiums that are sky high, and insurance companies who quit paying in the middle of a serious illness, leaving families with phenomenal bills to pay.

    There will hopefully be a Public Option, which will help many people who could never afford insurance be adequately covered. As well, there will be computerization of medical records, which will hopefully stop a doctor from chopping off your left leg when you have an incurable problem with your right one.

    Study. Listen. Learn. Stop making these silly accusations that are simply not true. Health Reform will benefit you, me, and every other American.

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    Quote"0bama succumbed to just being a union thug?"

    Just when was he anything but that ? Besides being a very accomplished liar ?

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    Im not republican or democrat, but I do thinks its funny how dems say reps are soo violent, when SEIU, a democratic union beat a man for handing out literature.


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    Your characterization is flawed. His healthcare plan first and foremost is to insure the uninsured, and create competition in the insurance industry so that healthcare costs will be driven down. It is and will always remain a matter of personal choice. And if you don't like it, don't sign up for the public option. Simple.

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    He is following the orders of the Globalist Banking Elites...

  • I do not. I am not communistic.

    The stupid liberals do. They want to follow a liar named Obama who wants to make America communistic and take away our freedom.

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    Well Obama has spent more money in one year than every president combined, so in my opinion he is just plain dumb

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    Who's 0bama?

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    That's all he has ever been. You haven't forgotten Blago already have you?

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