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Should Geroge W Bush get the Nobel Peace prize?

I think he should. Frankly, i can't think of anyone more deserving.

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    Your question isn't as foolish as many think. I am a second cousin to a Brigadier General who served under the Clinton administration. He doesn't care for Bush, but pointed out some truths about Bush.

    1. No president probably ever gave more aid to Africa then Bush.

    2. No leader, except Bush, was bold enough to stand up to the UN and Saddam for stealing billions of dollars from the oil for food program (Of the 6 billion dollar program, only $200,000 actually went to food for Saddam's people).

    3. No president has ever tried so hard to press for equal rights for the Kurds, nor to try so hard to come to their aid.

    4. No president has brought so much change (good or bad) in recent memory. Obama hasn't come close (he still has time).

    5. Al Gore received a Nobel Peace Prize for his work on bringing awareness to the Global Warming subject. Yet George Bush's home uses waaaaaayyyyyy less energy and Bush scores better than Gore when it comes to his earthly footprint.

    I'm not saying I supported Bush, but there actually is a good case for him.

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    Yes. Over 50 million people are free and over a million Africans have been saved from AIDS because of George W. Bush. That helped the world a lot more than AlGore's lies about global warming.

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    The ******* should be in jail along with his buddies. He has done in 8 years more to up the world that China,Korea etc. together.

    Clinton was impeached for telling a silly lie,what is it of anyone 's business anyway what he did in his private life whereas this warmongering,alcoholic sob ruined the lives of thousands of people.

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    The Nobel Prize in what?

    Literature? He has to write his memoirs first.

    Physics? "Goddidit" isn't a thesis, nor will it get you a Nobel Prize.

    Economics? How to build a trillion dollar deficit when you inherited a budget surplus?

    Surely you don't mean the Nobel Peace Prize. That would just be laughable.

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    For Katrina?

    For The Iraq War?

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    A Nobel Dunce award. I was going to be more graphic- I don't want men-in-black at my door (like "Come Let Me Know You" will). He should be a bagger at the grocery store- how he "ran" the country- I don't know. Sorry to all you store baggers. Keep up the good work.

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    Yeah hey why not; maybe by our economy being bad and destroyed by him we can be more peaceful and sharing with each other in these hard economic times and learn to be more coucourteous

  • I just puked over my keyboard and NO GW dubyha Bush should not get a peace prize!.

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    Sorry i have no idea who Geroge W Bush is.. Does this name exit?

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    He should get the "Nobel Peace Bullet", awarded in his forehead.


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