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What additional costs would my grandparents have to pay for if I lived with them?

I want to move in with my grandparents in the states (I'm from canada but can move there without any costs at the border because I'm first nations) I will have $200 dollars coming in each month from my dad, would that be enough? Or will there overall expenses still rise dramatically?

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    Your grandparents bills will not rise dramatically if you move in with them. They may have a slightly larger water bill and electric bill. They will also need to spend more on food with you there. The $200 dollars per month from your dad will be enough. You can take your grandparents out to dinner on occasion or cook a nice meal for them. You can also help them out with any chores that they might be too frail to do.

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    All the utilities would go up but not a whole lot. If they are going to be providing you with food than that is the biggest expense. Clothes transportation and everything you want or need someone is going to have to pay for.

    When my daughter is home from college I spend about $500 more a month than I do when she is away.

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    Food is relatively inexpensive in the U.S. The cost of the housing is relatively unaffected by the number of occupants.

    The main issue is health insurance. Most of the U.S. population does not receive health care from the government. In the U.S., health care costs can exceed $200 per person, not including any other expenses.

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    I don't think so. Just pay for what you use.

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