Why does my Computer crash when i play games?

I'm really getting sick of this. All my system specs are up to par with the system requirements with the games i tried playing, Call of duty 4, and World at war, Need for speed underground 2, NFS hot pursuit 2. The games work totally fine, no lag, no bad graphics. But then it starts to lag a lil bit approx 2 min before my whole computer shuts down. I get a play time of around 15 minutes. What do you think is the problem and what do you think i should do to try to fix it? Could it be the power supply shortening out.... etc

EDIT, Video card i have is NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT

The GPU-Z results


PCB- 60'c

GPU- 68'c

PCB- 61'c

GPU Core clock- 600mhz GPU Memory Clock- 900mhz

Fan speed- 30% Fan speed- ~1730

All the lines are fully coloured red O.O

I not playing any games right now and it's already like this. I think these results are horrible hehe. How should i cool it down?


without the side panel? but then wouldn't dust come in it and 4uck it up even more? lol

Update 2:

without the side panel? but then wouldn't dust come in it and 4uck it up even more? lol

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    If your computer crashes at about the same time, no matter what program it is running, then that is a good indication that you are having overheating problems.

    One way to verify this diagnosis is to open up the side of your case and direct a fan into it. If the computer runs longer before it crashes, then that is a confirmation that it is an overheating problem, because the fan is helping to cool things off.

    Often, overheating is caused by accumulated dust inside the case. You can get a can of compressed air and blow out all the dust. If it still overheats, then you may need a larger cpu fan, or even water-cooling, which is what the overclocker's often use to keep their computers cool.

    I leave the side of my case off 100% of the time. Dust gets in, but dust is blown into all computers by the fan, unless it has a filter on it. It is easy to blow out dust now and then if the side of the case is off. :)

    Good Luck!

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    i had the same problem with GTX280

    it was idling at 70-75'c and would raise up to 100+ during games and the computer would shut down.

    what i did to fix was download rivatuner

    and sat the Video Card fan to manually blow at 90% constant rate.

    I don 't understand why the rest of the system is so hot though. Are you overclocking?

    are you using a really cheap case with no case fans and no airflow?

    also another problem might be is that you are underpowering your system and thats why it shuts down, but that wouldn't explain the high temps.

    take care of the temperature problem first and see if that helps, then try to upgrade power supply.

    to temporarily lower your PC's temps try to run it without the side panel attached.

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    Either you are exceeding the capabilities of this machine, or you have heat problems.

    Make sure your case fans, CPU fans, and Graphics Card fans are all fully functional. They may need to be replaced. Also make sure your computer isn't in a closed in space. Many desks are designed to have your computer closed up in a cabinet, but this is a very bad situation for your computer. Computers need good ventilation.

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    Sounds like a overheating problem

    Could try getting some better thermal paste or a better heatsink for the processor.

    I believe this is a good heatsink:


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    Should you need to download a recent version of Rivatuner get it here: http://j.mp/1k401Av

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    dust it out

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