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howm uch can you tell me about elvis presley?

im 21 years old and ya i wasnt there at the elvis time lol but i was there a bit of micheal jackson's life (god he's hot!) anyway

was elvis a king too...what was he what made him die

was he o drugs

did he have kids was he a big hit like mj

was mj there?

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    No entertainer before or after, whether a soloist or group, has ever been as popular as Elvis, not Micheal Jackson, not even The Beatles. There is a reason why Elvis was/is called the King, it wasn't just a media label. He wasn't the one to invent Rock n Roll, but he made it mainstream. His career started in 1953, his first commercial record was 1954, in 1958 he was drafted into the army. In those 4 short years, he was the top selling recording artist of the 1950's. Even established singers, of the day, Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Dean Martin, Tony Bennett, etc, didn't come close to selling at much as he did, and they had the entire decade.

    Without Elvis, there would be no Micheal Jackson for 2 reason:

    Firstly, Elvis single handily popularized Rock music, not only in the USA but around the world. Popular music, what Micheal Jackson sang, is a sub genre of Rock music. Had it not been for Elvis, the type of music Micheal Jackson sang would not be in existence.

    Secondly, and far more importantly, Elvis knocked down racial barriers. He made it acceptable for white people to listen to, enjoy, and embrace black artists. If Elvis didn't do that in the 1950's, people like Micheal Jackson would just be known in certain black communities. Not only would the general public not know MJ, but even most black people wouldn't have known him. It's because Elvis knocked down those barriers in the 1950's, that A: the civil rights movement happened in the 1960's, and B: black artists are just as popular as white artists today, and just as accepted.

    As far as there musical accomplishments, it's not close. Forget you personal taste. The numbers speak for themselves.

    Total records sold including singles & albums:

    Elvis 2.4 Billion

    The Beatles 1 Billion

    MJ 600 Million

    Gold Records:

    Elvis 54

    MJ 16

    Platinum Records:

    Elvis 27

    MJ 6

    Multi Platinum Records:

    Elvis 8

    MJ 0

    Also, The RIAA didn't start certifying Gold, Platinum & Multi Platinum Records until 1958. After the peak of Elvis' career, and they do not go back in time prior to 1958. Also all of Elvis' Gold, Platinum & Multi Platinum Records were under the old standard were u needed to sell 1 million for a gold, 2 million for platinum, and 4 million for multi platinum. All of MJ's are under the new standard that each level is 1/2 the sales. So not only does Elvis have 89 to MJ's 26, but Elvis had to sell twice as many. If the RIAA went back in time to give Elvis golds for songs he only sold 500,000 records, instead of the 89 he has, he would have 200 gold records.

    Elvis is listed in every music hall of fame, MJ only the Rock n Roll Hall of fame.

    I will be fair, MJ does have the highest selling album (Thriller) of all time, at 100 million sold.

    Top 40 Hits

    Elvis 114

    MJ 36

    Top 10 Hits

    Elvis 40

    MJ 29

    Elvis holds every record for concert attendance. The 1973 Aloha from Hawaii was watched live by 2 Billion people world wide, twice as many as watched the first moon landing.

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    elvis presly was the king of rock and roll and he was a great singer!Elvis died on August 16, 1977 in the bathroom at Graceland. After being found on the bathroom floor, Elvis was rushed to the hospital where he was officially pronounced dead. The coroner recorded the cause of death as cardiac arrhythmia. While true in the strictest sense (cardiac arrhythmia basically means that the heart was beating irregularly and in this case, finally stopped), the attending physicians deliberately omitted the fact that what had apparently caused Elvis' heart to beat irregularly and then stop was an overdose of prescription drugs. These drugs included codeine, Valium, morphine, and Demorol, to name a few. After this information was revealed, Vernon Presley, Elvis' father, had the complete autopsy report sealed. It will remain sealed until 2027, fifty years after The King's death. Elvis' body is buried at Gracelandger!

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    I'm thirteen, so obviously, I wasn't around at the time of Elvis' superstardom. But, I do know some information about him.

    Elvis is known as the King of Rock n' Roll.

    He overdosed on prescription medicine, I believe, causing him to have a heart attack.

    Some of his most famous hits are Heartbreak Hotel, Suspicious Minds, In the Ghetto, and Jailhouse Rock.

    He had one daughter, named Lisa Marie Presley. She is widely known for her past marriage to Michael Jackson.

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    He sold 1 billion records, was a dubbed King of Rock n Roll, had 18 #1 hits in he US. released hundreds of albums, and had a quite short career he died of a overdose which led to a heart attack. He had a daughter who married Michael Jackson her name is Lisa Marie Presley. He was huge not on the scales of Mj but he was big in his own right. Yea Mj was alive when Elvis was around. His most recognized songs


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    American Trilogy is comprised of three songs, but Elvis never sang the three songs separately. They were always part of American Trilogy. And for the speed of American Trilogy, it's always slow. You may be thinking of somebody else or you heard a rehersal where he was joking around.

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    ELVIS PRESLEY was king of rocknroll he was a great singer and actor

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    why dont you just type elvis into your search engine and find some websites on elvis????? why are you asking us??????

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    He is king of rock and roll and died due to drug overdose that is ALL i know

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    i dont know much about him but my friend &my mom LOVE him!(:

    go to: www.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elvis_Presley

    it should tell you ALL about him(:

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    1 he was fat

    2 he was racist

    3 he died

    4 he was and is NOTHING compared to MJ

    4 facts!

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