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what's the difference between these in brackets?

market [street]

telegraph [avenue]

graham [circuit]

stella [heights]

Mc. Ann [drive]

ashbury [circle]

airport [road]

thomas [court]

can you add another one?


Excellent !! pink_swe. thank you

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    EDIT2: from Wikipedia

    Major roads

    * Highway

    o Autobahn

    o Auto-estrada

    o Autoroute

    o Autostrada

    o Autostrasse

    o Byway

    o Expressway

    o Freeway

    o Motorway

    o Pike

    * Avenue

    * Boulevard

    * Road

    * Street

    Small roads (often residential/suburban)

    * Alley

    * Bay

    * Drive

    * Fairway[clarification needed]

    * Gardens

    * Gate

    * Grove

    * Heights

    * Highlands

    * Knoll

    * Lane

    * Manor

    * Mews

    * Passage

    * Pathway

    * Place

    * Row

    * Terrace

    * Trail

    * View

    * Way


    * Close

    * Court

    * Cove

    * Croft

    * Garth

    * Green

    * Lawn

    * Nook

    * Place

    Named for their shape

    * Circle

    * Crescent

    * Loop

    * Oval

    * Quadrant

    * Square

    Named for geographical attributes

    * Canyon

    * Causeway

    * Grade

    * Hill

    * Mount

    * Parkway

    * Rise

    * Vale

    Named for their function

    * Approach

    EDIT: this will take the whole weekend and beyond... ;)





    [Autoroute] Métropolitaine




    Glenvale [Boulevard]

    Box Grove [By-pass]









    [Chemin] Dumfries





    [Côte] Franklin




    Wanless [Crescent]

    [Croissant] Surrey











    Gardiner [Expressway]







    Ada [Gardens]

    Dolan [Gate]









    [Highway] 7










    Paddock [Lane]


    9th [Line]




    The East [Mall]

    Hawkweed [Manor]












    Allstate [Parkway]


    The Bridel [Path]



    Storey [Place]









    Queens [Quay]


    [Rang] Saint-Phillipe





    [Route] Bégin


    [Rue] Papineau

    [Ruelle] des Ursulines



    Massey [Square]


    Mariner [Terrace]

    [Terrasse] Laurentienne




    Holmcrest [Trail]









    The Bridle [Walk]

    Blue Jays [Way]




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    San Miquel [lane]

  • 5 years ago

    The first two sets are arithmetical, the last grammatical.

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