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Do people who fly the confederate flag realise it symbolizes a non existent nation?

The confederate flag -- here is the symbol a nation which does not exist

Why are all these people flying the flag of a place that isn't there and represents nothing at all ?



The ideas that flag appears to represent is public lynching slavery and the right to marry you're cousin

You just keep feeling sorry for me under you're imaginary nation flag

Update 2:

This is the confederate flag

Show me on the map where it shows what nation that represents ?

Show me the two weeks in the special historical map where - it almost existed -- but then didn't

Update 3:


Actually their general ignorance is harming a lot of people === and the call to arms for the KKK and others -- is a fairy tale land of a non existent nation which never existed

Update 4:

ND fan

The Palestinian flag at least represented a historical nation state -- The confederate flag represents no such nation -- it was a failed attempt -- to get a nation -- that is just a loss --

Russia and Palestine --using their old flags which represented a place -- which used to exist is more acceptable than using a flag to represent a place -- which almost existed but then didn't

Update 5:

ND Fan

When Britain told us all a small lie -- it was that Palestine a recognized State had no people and Jews had no State

We were all told to support the British decision to give it away because the solution was perfect Turns out the information wasn't all that accurate -

Palestine existed all right -- the imaginary flag of a nation which never made it past a wet dream -- only has a flag

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    I think they do it because they know who gets the philosophy and who doesn't. I think that's pretty much it.

    I think it is about freedom from federal oppression, or at least that's how I CHOOSE to take it.

    Source(s): People also CHOOSE their own general ignorance. There are libraries in every town and school that I know about. People can read up on what the South's position was during the Civil War. People can read up on how few of them really owned slaves. It isn't rocket science, it's reading comprehension. You don't think that people choose their own ignorance? Whose fault is that? I'd say maybe it's public education. Fix that. You do not do it by closing yourself off from one entire view. It isn't about that for most of here in the South, Trout. I live here. I'm a transplant. I practice criminal defense. I practice divorce law. And it's killing me. This refusal to see no good in a place. Some people just do.
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    Depends on why they are flying the confederate flag. It is an intimidating symbol for black people. If they refuse to provide polite and friendly service to such people in the restaurant then this could be a problem. On the other hand just because someone displays some confederate pride is no reason to shut him down.

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    Actually, the flag you are referring to was NOT the flag of the Confederate States. It was the BATTLE flag of the Confederate Army. That said, the Confederate stats had a BETTER claim to the status of nation than the so called 'Palestinian' nation. It is not yet even a FAILED attempt at a nation.

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    You people that have a problem with the flag of the Confederate States of America need a history lesson.

    Do all of you critics protest the display of the Mexican flag? How about the Cuban Flag? Should we ban all State Flags? How about the MIA flags? I guess we should burn the VFW flag? Why don't you run up to the UN? You could have a flag a day protest. So that I would not be accused of being a racist, I left out the Black Panther Flag.

    Flags are symbols that is all. Those that display them may have different opinions than yours but they as entitled to their opinion as you are yours.

    I have a tattoo of the State of California on my @$$. This is to symbolize my distaste for California sending Nancy Pelosi to congress.

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    Many of my ancestors died for states rights in the Civil War. That flag is a part of my history. It represents quite a bit to me and my family.

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    It also negatively remarks our own nation due to our nations history had connections to that misguided breakaway nation. They were evil and the war they caused killed tens of thousands of our own people. I am very glad that the North won this conflict and I am proud that California was a northern state!

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    A "nation" cal also be a state of mind. If you don't believe it, just ask a Univ of Florida graduate if there is a Gator Nation

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    Perhaps it's symbolic for the South. I know I flew the flag upside down when Bush was given the presidency by the SCOTUS.

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    What about all the people who fly the pirate flag? Everything does need a meaning of representation. Some people just like the design! is that such a damm crime to you?

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    Because a flag cannot represent ideals as well? We all realize that the Confederate States of America do not exist anymore, but that does not negate the state's rights ideals it stood for.

    @RU486: I feel sorry for your child.

    @OP: Just because that's what you think doesn't make it true.

    - Libertarian

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    Ole times die hard and only someone that is insensitive to others suffering/feelings would even mention it. Peace

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