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DAYCARE PROVIDERS I have a question for you?

Hi, I was wondering how you personally deal with finances if you are a home daycare operator.... you charge a certain amount a week, when do the parents pay? ETC


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    If you"re just beginning your business, a helpful site is www.NAFCC.org National Association for Family Child Care. You are providing a professional service and therefore you should have written policies and a contract that outlines your rates. The rate you charge is based on your experience and education in the field just as any job. Usually it is comparable to local daycare centers, but you can get more money if you can convince potential clients at the time of the interview that you have more to offer than the day care centers such as low child ratio, teacher permancey, USDA food program, etc. To protect yourself, it's best to charge in advance. You will also need to check with your governmental agency that handles child care licensing concerning what your state requires. If you have a local "Resource and Referral" child care agency, they can be a big help . Good Luck! It can be the most wonderful job in the world or the worst, it depends on you! Let me know if I can be of help to you. I have been in the business for 40 years and recieved an accredited rating through NAFCC.

    Source(s): www.NAFCC.org
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    They pay on Monday and it is late on Tuesday (ie late fees). Even though the daycare is in your home, you must treat it like a business. Remember this is YOUR business.

    Also remember to provide what parents want - see more below;


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    set a schedule so u don't have to figure out who owes and what day it is if the parents have a problem with the amount or time to pay YOU set then they should say something to u. i wouldn't give them a lot of time for late payments to arrive tho. have a contract they can sign so they know what to expect. it is a business treat it that way

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