Jazz Dance Solo Song?

Okay so my sister is doing a jazz solo and we can't find her a song. In the past she has done Voodoo Child by Rogue Traders, Trashin The Camp from Tarzan, and Iko Iko. We have been thinking about the songs Money by Girls Aloud and Beat Of My Own Drum by Poe but we need more songs. She likes character dances but no musical theatre. Thanks! <3


Not jazz as in the music genre but the dance genre.

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    My Strongest Suit- Aida (starts slow, but tempo changes…good for a dancer with strong turns and jumps)

    Ain’t Nothing Wrong With That- Robert Randolph

    Boys Boys Boys- Lady Gaga

    Heartbreaker- MSTRKRFT featuring John Legend

    Navy Taxi- Kate Nash

    It’s Oh So Quiet- Bjork (really cute…fun to choreograph too)

    Supermassive Black Hole- from Twilight

    The Nicest Thing- Kate Nash

    Maps- Yeah Yeah Yeahs

    Looms- Ani DiFranco

    Let Me Think About It- Ida Corr

    Work That- Mary J. Blige

    Get Innocuous- LCD Soundsystem

    Vegas- Sarah Barielles

    Fairytale- Sarah Barielles

    Hot Blooded- The Foreigner

    Turn the Beat Around- Gloria Estefan

    Back in Black- ACDC

    It's My Life- Bon Jovi

    I Will Survive- Gloria Gaynor

    Canned Heat- Jamiroqui

    When Doves Cry- Prince

    Knock on Wood- Amy Stewart (a million different versions)

    Last Dance- Donna Summers

    Wake Me Up, Before You Go Go- Wham

    Rock This Party- Bob Sinclare

    Don't Stop the Music- Rihanna

    Disturbia- Rihanna

    Just Disturbia- Rihanna and Lady Gaga

    Somebody Told Me- the Killers

    River Deep, Mountain High- Celine Dion

    Piece of Me- Britney Spears

    Pictures of You- The Last Goodnight

    Big Girl You Are Beautiful- Mika

    Reptilia- The Strokes

    September- Earth, Wind and Fire

    Hot Stuff- Donna Summers

    Vogue- Madonna

    Shot Through the Heart- Bon Jovi

    Love Shack- B-52's

    Fever- Peggy Lee

    1,2,3- Gloria Estefan

    Conga- Gloria Estefan

    Church- T-Pain (despite the fact that it's hip hop, it has more of a jazz count)

    Heartbreaker- Danity Kane

    I Don't Wanna Know- the Donna's

    I Believe in a Thing Called Love- the Darkness

    Gotta Get Through This- Daniel Bedingfield

    Time- Elisa

    Don't Stop Me Now- Queen

    Paint it Black- Rolling Stones

    Does Your Mother Know- Abba

    Blue Suede Shoes- Elvis

    New Shoes- Paolo something or other

    Route 66- John Mayer

    Holiday- Madonna

    One Night Only- Beyonce

    Car Wash- Christina Aguilera

    Release- Timbaland

    Livin' La Vida Loca- Ricky Martin

    Cha cha heels- Eartha Kitt

    Let It Rain- Keri Noble

    Raspberry Beret- Prince

    Hey Ya- Outkast

    I like the Way You Move- Outkast

    No Hay Ingual- Nelly Furtado

    Glow- Nelly Furtado

    Nobody's Perfect- Hannah Montana

    Let's Dance- Miley Cyrus

    Love Today- Mika

    Movin On Up- M People

    SOS- Jonas Brothers

    Tattoo- Jordin Sparks

    London Bridge- Fergie

    Ladies Choice- Zac Efron

    Hot- Avril Levigne

    Hit Me With Your Best Shot- Pat Benetar

    You Can't Hurry Love- the Supremes

    Beautiful Day- U2

    Chaotic- Britney Spears

    You Should Be Dancing- the BeeGee's

    Heartburn- Alicia Keys

    Die Another Day- Madonna

    Love is a Battlefield- Pat Benetar

    I'm Alive- Celine Dion

    Let's Hear It For the Boy- Footloose

    Proud Mary- Tina Turner

    No Man- Nina Storey

    Walking on Broken Glass- Annie Lenox

    Mony Mony- Billy Joel

    Human- Dion Ferris

    Banana Pancakes- Jack Johnson

    Traffic in the Sky- Jack Johnson

    Suddenly I See- KT Tunstall

    Powerless- Nelly Furtado

    Black Cat- Janet Jackson

    Secret- Missy Higgens

    Maneater- Nelly Furtado

    Wait a Minute- Pussycat Dolls

    Just Dance- Lady Ga Ga

    Made- Jamie Scott

    Rush- Aly and AJ

    Life Is a Highway- Rascall Flatts

    Tainted Love- Soft Cell

    Dream On- Aerosmith

    Free Your Mind- En Vouge

    You Can Leave Your Hat On- Etta James

    Momentum - Aimee Mann

    Black Velvet - Alanna Myles

    Do Your Thing - Basement Jaxx

    Juicy - Better than Ezra

    Groove is in the Heart - DeeLite

    She's a Bad Mama Jama - George Clinton

    Big Time - Linda Eder

    Brave and Crazy - Melissa Etheridge

    A Little Less Conversation - Elvis

    It's about that Walk - Prince

    Mother Mother - Tracy Bonham

    Pride - U2

    I am Body Beautiful - Salt n Pepa

    Endangered Species - Dianne Reeves

    Do Somethin'- Britney Spears

    Toxic- britney spears

    Technologic- daft punk

    Distortion- david guetta

    Proud- heather small

    Out of Control- hoobastank

    So Excited- janet jackson

    Don’t Stop- janet Jackson

    Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough- Michael Jackson

    Billie Jean- Michael Jackson

    Harder to Breathe- maroon 5

    Fever- Michael Buble

    Sway- Michael Buble

    Lost- Michael Buble

    I Don’t Need a Man- Pussycat Dolls

    Right Now- Pussycat Dolls

    Hush Hush- Pussycat Dolls

    Break It Off- Rihanna

    Ramalama- Roisin Murphy

    Lady Marmalade- Moulin Rouge

    Rhythm is a Dance- sagi-rei

    Vertigo - U2

    Sparkling Diamonds- Moulin Rouge

    My Heart Belongs to Daddy- Marilyn Monroe (there are other versions)

    Cha Cha Heels- Rosabel

    Respect- Aretha Franklin

    Theme from Oceans Eleven

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Try out some songs from the Broadway style. Life of the Party from the Wild Party is really good. Good luck!!!

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Go to your local library and ask them if they have any Jazz CDs. If they do, check it out with a library card and you can download the songs onto your computer and either put them on an ipod or burn them to a blank CD. If they don't have it you can ask them to order it for you from another library.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    show off by bob martin

    baby im a star by prince

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  • 1 decade ago

    Try a song from a musical...like anyone that you really like and is appropriate for your age.



    Selena Gomez♥

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