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A Question about 90's Grunge.?

Whats the style?


Clothes (I'm guessing like chuck Taylors, stuff like that)


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    Clothing: plaid "lumber jack" flannel shirts, loose jeans, band shirts, baggy clothes, cargo shorts, corduroy, slightly ripped/burned pants, anything "anti-fashion" (nothing in style or trendy), whatever looks like you just rolled out of bed, thrift stores..

    Music: Nirvana, Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Stone Temple Pilots, Bush, Soundgarden, Green River, Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Mud Honey, Foo Fighters (earlier stuff)

    The Look: unkempt, laid back, i-don't-give-a-damn

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    Genrally baggy, ripped, stuff..

    in darker or muted colors.

    like olive green, black, charcoal grey, brown..ect.

    Long, Messy, (oftin greasy) hair, just completely natural,

    some guys even have dreads.

    Plaid-flannels, but they HAVE to be flannel,

    They were usually worn as a huge stapel of the 90s grunge era,

    Henley t-shirts were also worn under the flannels alot.

    Jeans were often stonewashed. Most jeans were baggy. Overalls were popular. usually worn, torn & had holes in them.

    As well as chuck taylors, combat boots were really popular.

    think kurt cobain..nirvana, alice in chains, seetther, stone temple pilots, bush, sonic youth, and the cranberries...

    & google(images) these bands up or try googleing the style.




    Good luck!

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    very casual - flannels, tee shirts, jeans, sometimes thermals under shorts or jeans.

    think Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam or Kurt Cobain of Nirvana.

    musically, Alice in Chains is on of my favs.

    the "grunge" movement was based on ideals of being disenchanted with the status quo, not selling out, that sort of thing.

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    grunge fashion style - baggy jeans, torn jeans, plaid/flannel shirts, chunky black boots, floral print dresses (well atleast for girls), it's still big right now in women's clothing

    grunge music - a genre of alternative rock, it auctually emerged in the mid 80's in seattle, it's inspired by hardcore rock, heavy metal, indie rock

    bands - Nirvana, Green River, The Melvins and Soundgarden

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    yeah totally. the rocker look is in. u can pull it off better if your a true rockker tho.

    chucks (converses), vans, and plaid are bein seen alot.

    hope this helps :)

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