What other interior decorating related jobs are there?

I enjoy decorating, painting, designing things and putting things where they belong with furniture... bedroom, bathroom, what other types of jobs out their that I can do?

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    I have an Interior Decorating business which I run out of my home. I also happen to be a seamstress and do all of my own sewing for all of the home decorating fabric needs of my clients. I do not advertise and rely on referrals for all of my business.

    Your friends and family are your best advertisers along with the people you have helped decorate. Take photographs and begin working on a portfolio. Business cards are the single most effective form of advertising that costs very little. My business cards cost $39.99 for 1,000 cards at Overnightprints.com. and they are decent and have a great glossy finish. Leave your cards everywhere you go and leave at least a few with the clients you have already helped so they can pass them along to their friends.

    Make contacts with other professionals and network with them. I have a carpenter, an upholsterer, a faux finish painter and a guy who removes popcorn ceiling finishes. Find someone who is a seamstress who can make your design ideas a reality in fabric elements of interior decorating; such as, window treatments, bedding, pillows, nursery items, cushions and sew forth.

    Learn the color wheel and how colors relate to each other so you can add paint consultation to your job description. Fabrics are an important part of a room. Learn about fabrics and their uses.

    Get certified in Home Staging for real estate properties that are on the market. This is big business these days and a lot of people are doing this so the market is currently flooded (at least in New England, USA) with Home Staging professionals. Instead of contacting the actual real estate offices, skip right to the home owners.

    Although you have a natural decorating talent and most of all, a deep passion for this line of work, It will be beneficial if you get a degree which is easily obtainable through on-line courses. This will allow you more access to what is available to your clients in the wholesale end of things for fabrics and furnishings, etc.

    Please never call yourself an Interior Designer without a degree. It is unfair to those who have gone through the schooling. If you decorate without a degree, you are an Interior Decorator, not a Designer. Please keep that in mind as to respect those who are.

    You could possibly work at a furniture store for a limited amount of hours per week to be sure their show rooms are in order, decoratively.

    A lot of show rooms set up rooms with accessories and all to help those who cannot visualize the furniture in their homes.

    If you are positive, enthusiastic and passionate about decorating, people in this business will be drawn to you and want your energy near by. I wish you luck and have faith that you will do well for yourself because you seem ambitious.

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    you could contact Real Estates and ask them about offering your services for Home Staging .The only thing about this is that you will need a certificate here is a link to look into



    also you will need some sort of certificate if you apply to a store it will help you in the long run if you got it. If you like to decorate then go for it.

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