Teens: good workout routine and diet?

I am 14 years old. and this year I want to lose some weight. well, not lose some weight but just get in shape and be healthy.Teen girls: what is a good workout routine? I don't go to the gym. I do have a treadmill in my house. the main thing I want to get in shape are my legs, butt, and my abs.

I also want to start eating healthier. I don't eat alot of junkfood... but I seem to always be tempted by the sweets. I had a boel of ice cream today. and I feel really bad about that because I didn't need to have that. lol.

so what are things i should stay away from and things I should go for? what things can I pack for my lunch that is healthy??

thanks a bunch!!!

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    I'm starting on a diet probably tomorrow, because I want to lose a few pounds before the beginning of school. I'm going to be eating fruit only for breakfast (not including a drink), eating vegetables + whole wheat for lunch and then smaller portions of what I usually eat for dinner.

    Definitely portion control is key. If you are having trouble staying away from sweets (which is understandable, because who doesn't love ice cream? lol) try getting like Skinny Cow ice cream bars, they're like 100 calories. My mom got this ice cream things and they 100 calorie cups of ice cream.They are Breyers Ice cream cups or something.

    You don't have to cut out your fave candies, just try to eat them less.

    I play soccer a couple of times a week and I have for about 8 years or so, so I have pretty toned legs.

    Check these out they seem pretty good:


    look at the "more videos" column on the side, there are vids for legs and the whole body, and they don't require a gym membership or a lot of equipment at all.

    For walking, if you live in a suburb (I don't use this, I live on a farm, it's just a guess), try walking 5 or so blocks a day with a friend.

    I bike a lot, which really helps to strengthen calves, so again, if you live in a suburb, bike around it with a friend.

    Good luck!

    OH and this is just random advice:

    Even though diet pop/soda has no calories and sugar, it's sweetened with aspartame, which makes it harder to lose fat. Try to get drinks that are sweetened with splenda or some other sugar-based sweetner, or with honey.

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    running is always good, so is biking although in winter can be tricky, running up and down stairs is very good for your legs. For abs sit-ups, crunches with your legs up, and that thing where your on your back and your legs move in a bicycle motion and you crunch toward the leg coming at you (sorry i forget what its called) You sound like a healthy eater, you don't need to feel bad about one bowl of ice cream. You can still eat some sweets and be healthy, its just how much you have. Lean meat sandwiches are good, like lean turkey, or chicken or other. Healthy granola bars are good, high fiber foods are healthy. Try and have balanced meals, make sure to get enough of each food group each day. For lunch try and bring fruit or veg each day as well. I've heard that eating 5 smaller meals everyday helps, that way you don't binge eat. Missing meals is bad as well, then at the next meal you might eat too much.

    I'm trying to get healthier too, but i have a sweet tooth

    i hope this helped

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    ~ Diet tips

    - Drink lots of water

    -No junk food, fried foods, stay away from sugar/deserts/sweets

    - Eat lots of veggies & fruit, lean meats, grilled fish

    - Avoid snacking

    -No soda/diet soda

    -Hot drinks make you feel fuller (herbal tea for an example)

    -Eat only low fat or no fat dairy

    For your lunch you can pack:

    Turkey sandwich, an apple.

    (2 whole grain bread slices, mayo, lean turkey slice, tomato, lettuce).


    A salad, carrot sticks, and a ham & cheese sandwich.

    (2 whole grain bread slices, mayo, 1 slice ham, 1 slice cheese, lettuce, tomato).

    Stuff like that is healthy.

    Excercise - use the treadmill :) You can use it while listening to an ipod/music, whatever you'd like to listen to.

    You can also do:


    Sit up's

    Weight lifitng

    Go for long walks



    Stay active.

    Hope this helps hun! <3 Good luck ~

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    well for a good start make sure you get a good healthy breakfast, a recent study showed that people who ate breakfast every day loose weight and stay healthier than people who skip out. make sure you get fruits and veggies in with every meal. whole grain is key, white bread is bleached of most nutritional quality. I personally try to walk when im going somwhere when its possible, I also play ice hockey and I have practice on most days of the week. get involved with a sport you like. thats about all the suggestions I have

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    Cut your calories to around 1000.

    Exercise for an hour a day :]

    That's a guranteed way to lose weight.

    I give free diet advice :] Check out where I am Top Contributer in, if you need anymore proof.



    i don't bite

  • i dieted (and am still) oi would ignore the walking and running i was fast walking uphlll on my treadmill with my niece on my back (23 pounds) for 3 weeks and i didn't lose a pound

    i would suggest buying some type of excersize video (you can fund them real cheap) and they'll tone your entire body pilates is best

    dieting im not so sure :s

  • Tredmill

    Jog in the park

    eat salad and fruits and healthy food :]

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    eat three meals a day..that helps u to keep healthy.Exercise once or twice a week..and dont eat anything b4 bed....u can eat like snacks between ur three maels but make sure there healthy food ok...and if u do like end up eating cereal in between or any sweet stuff just make sure its not alot!.....hope i helped....and plz dont starve urself ok!!...lol...seriously

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    Join a sport!!

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    you should get some sort of weigh protein supplement to really help ur gains

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