lid swelling and hedache?

since yesterday morning I am having bilateral lid swelling,I had no headache but since today morning I woke up with left sided eye pain and headache, it ws so severe that I felt to vomit and eventually I did. after a few minutes I took acetaminophin 650mg....I tried to get some sleep and the pain felt a lil better.....but dint go away completely. I still have pain but I am trying to tolerate. remember that I take synthyroid but these days muslems fast from dawn to dusk, I take my synthyroid at night around 11 o'clock. I did fast today but had to break it, I still hve nausea and am feeling to vomit. can anyone help me whats going on?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    With the lid swelling and headache and pain I would say you have pink eye with sinusitis. I had a severe case last year and think I am getting the pink eye again because my daughter had it. I am not sure what synthyroid is. But I understand about the fasting can you have liquids but no food or is it a total fast? If so some club soda or a soda pop like sprite or ginger ale should do the trick for the nausea. When dusk comes try some crackers. There is some homeopathic remedies at the drug store I got for the pink eye which helped until I could get to the doctor. I can't remember the name but it was similar to Simulacan. cold wash cloths to the eye will help too but get yourself to the eye doctor if you can.

    Source(s): conjuctivitus and sinutitus sufferer
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