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swelling hands, ear ach, stuffy nostrle and sore throat ?

A week and a half ago my throat got sore and worse everyday. After a week I went to the doctors and got a proscription. 2 days later (yesterday) I woke up and my one nostril was stuff and my ear felt like it had water in it.Yet I haven't been near water. that night my had swelled up (my right more than my left). What should I do?


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    stop tap water drinking, no more fast foods, and a no meat diet

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    It does not sound like Shingles to me. Shingles is extremely painful yet often travels down nerve tracks. So your rash is often limited to a patch/section--no longer throughout. and not your throat. it would desire to be hen pox. it would additionally be a foul strep an infection. STrep throat and it is going up into your eustacian tube (why your ear hurts) once you get a rash, that's regularly serious and you incredibly incredibly need to work out a doctor and get antibiotics. If its a foul tension it could do injury on your kidneys. no person right here is going to be waiting to supply you the help you %. flow to a doctor.

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