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i might have mono.....?

k i took my blood test to see if i have mono 4 days ago. and i wanted to know if there was any way i could find out i have it. i really wanna workout and hangout with my friends. im getting sooooo stressed from this :( i just really wanna know if i have it or not. what am i suppose to feel like? will i feel some discomfort in my back? i heard you sleep a lot if you have it. but i haven't been sleeping a lot. if im bored then i might go to sleep but thats normal of me to do that. i also take the chance of punching the heavy bag. ill also do dead lifts once or twice a day. just because im bored. so do you think i have it? if i did have it wouldn't it have already "exploded" ? also i heard that your throat gets sore. mine isn't sore much anymore. i had strep throat last week. its a lot better but i can feel a little soreness on the left side of my throat. also i have an ear infection :S i dont know if that helps with anything but just in case. ive got ear drops for it. i took medicine for my strep throat. also when i punch the bag i dont get tired easy. it takes a while for me to get tired.

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    the dr. or a nurse does the blood test. Go ot the dr.

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