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Questions about Alice in Alice in Wonderland?

I'm auditioning for the part of Alice. What kind of a girl is she? Is she sweet and caring. Or is she tough. Is she mean. What is she? Can someone give me the background for this character. Thank you

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    She is inquisitive: she follows a rabbit down a hole. She is precocious: she flaunts the authority of the Queen of Hearts and argues about the rules. She is a risk taker - she samples one side of the mushroom and then the other. She gives in to authority figures (i.e. the caterpiller, the Queen) but not without reservations. She is an intelligent, observant free-thinker.

    Lewis Carroll was addicted to abysinth (an opium drink) when he wrote Alice in Wonderland. Alice's character is both innocent and naive, but at the same time also self-directed and pretty subversive for the Victorian age.

    A modern counterpart of Alice would do her school work and listen politely to her parent's lectures, but as soon as their backs were turned she'd get a nose ring and download heavy metal goth music.

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    she is like a smart 5 year old.

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