who first published lord of the flies?

honor's paper due tomorrow need help fast

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    Faber and Faber, Ltd in the UK had it first.

    (Golding copyrighted it in 1954)

    Then Capricorn printed it in 1959 for 94 subsequent editions with 48 subsequent by printings by Perigee.

    Coward-McCann, Inc, printed it in 1967, then First Riverhead printed a trade papeback in 1997, then Perigee's first printing of a hardcover edition is the 50th anniversay edition in '03. (Apparently Golding took out his copyright after the book printed by Faber and Faber, Ltd.

    Penguin is in all this too, though believe as 'Perigee'...

    So you can also try http://www.penguin.com/ for the USA.

    Source(s): Safe links for your use. I clicked on the 50th anniversary edition to read the publication page. You can do the same: Be sure you're in Books, then put in title, then click on a book wanted = one you can 'Look Inside' and look for the publication page, after the front cover. Flip pages with the arrow at edge of any 'free' page.
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