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    Is cool.

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    Abercrombie : Overpriced clothing, no different from any other cotton shirt or denim jeans. A company that is trying to sell a pathetic image while brainwashing teens into slapping down $60 bucks for a shirt. Is there some kind of "special material" or "quality" that these shirts have? No, foolhearted children, its just the big fat aberslobby logo that was crudely stamped on by the same malaysian sweatshop worker who made my shirts that I found for 7 bucks. If you think that you feel more comforable in some rags that scream "look at me, I'm rich and pay 60 bucks for a shirt" then you are quite a materialistic person. The store's always blast a thumpin' beat that disgraces any kind of music. They wouldn't want to play anything that would "turn away" any A&F mind jobs and their daddy's fat wallets. Notice all the people that shop there all fit the same type of mold. Rich, materialsitic, dumb, blonde girls, and rich, prep/***, "popular" guys. I guess all of the money that A&F has been sapping from teens has been put into very good marketing, To bad it wasn't accutually going into making a better product, in to which it should be.

    thats what it said when i searched it up.

    but i think its awssoommmee!

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    Abercrombie is a nice store, it has nice clothes, but if you want them just to fit in I really hate that. I buy clothes from Wetseal, Hottopic(when there's sales), Plato's Closet, and Kmart-;Walmart;etc. I don't care where the article of clothing is from as long as I like it. But I never have set foot in a Abercrombie/ Hollister store because of the outrageous prices, but I have like some clothes from there because they're from Plato's Closet.

    SO, Abercrombie has nice clothes-if you're willing to spend 150$on a hoodie, or if you're not ashamed of prissy peoples opinion's on thrift stores.

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    For one thing you haven't asked a question. Also how can I be sure you would give me 10 points? A few times people have said that, and I gave the best answer, and they only gave me 3 or 4 points. I"m not falling for that one any more.

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    Uh, Abercrombie what? Are you asking if it's good? Abercrombie can be expensive, but I shop there. They have pretty neat clothes.

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    if abercrombie decided breathing were "uncool" more than 1/2 the teen population would die in less than 24 hours

    =] it's true think about it

  • Abercrombie is a store that sells clothes they have great clothes that cost alot but are worth it


    most common logo: moose

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    Google it. There are several Abercrombie's depends on what your term of reference is.

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    Buy it i swear i have a full wardrobe of it me my brother my uncle and my nephew I know most of there cloths cost allot of money but trust me i believe money spent on abercrombie is money well spent i bought this polo top 3 days a go

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    Abercrombie & Fitch

    what about it :S



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    The skirt isn't extreme wasted. i admire all 3 of those jointly yet i think of it would seem lots greater clever in case you probably did not placed the blue sweater tank overtop. i admire issues that are undemanding & lovable & i presumed the skirt with the shirt you picked out replaced into great.

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