How can you call people pertaining to the United States of America, Americans?

Countries In North America:

Antigua and Barbuda -> Antiguan and Barbudan

The Bahamas -> Bahamian

Barbados -> Barbadian

Belize -> Belizean

Canada -> Canadian

Costa Rica -> Costa Rican

Cuba -> Cuban

Dominica -> Dominican

Dominican Republic -> Dominican (?)

El Salvador -> El Salvadorian

Greenland -> Greenlander


Grenada -> Grenadian

Guatemala -> Guatemalan

Haiti -> Haitian

Honduras -> Honduran

Jamaica -> Jamaican

Mexico -> Mexican

Nicaragua -> Nicaraguan

Panama -> Panamanian

Saint Kitts and Nevis -> Kittitian and Nevisian

Saint Lucia -> Saint Lucian

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines -> Saint Vincentian and Grenadian

Trinidad and Tobago -> Trinidadian and Tobagonian

United States of America -> American (Note!!)

Countries In South America:

Argentina -> Argentine

Bolivia -> Bosnian

Brazil -> Brazilian

Chile -> Chilean

Colombia -> Colombian

Ecuador -> Ecuadoran

French Guiana -> French Guinean

Guyana -> Guyanese

Paraguay -> Paraguayan

Peru -> Peruvian

Suriname -> Surinamese

Uruguay -> Uruguayan

Venezuela -> Venezuelan

I'm a Canadian and I'm also an American because Canada is in America. Right?!

Africa -> African

Antarctica -> ?! (It's adjective is Antarctic)

Asia -> Asian

Australia -> Australian

Europe -> European

North America -> North American

South America -> South American

North Americans & South Americans can be collectively called Americans.

This shows the domination of the United States of America...

I just want to say two words... TOO BAD! :P :D


To a wolf at the door (42): Didn't you notice two emoticons after?!

Update 2:

To BJ: My question is "How can you call people pertaining to the United States of America, Americans?" Forgot to read?!

Update 3:

To ♪♫ fιяєнєαят (χ3)(кιммiє)♪♫: Not all Americans are fat. (Including myself).

To Betrunkene Katze ist Müde: Hope you are kidding.

To istoleyourgolfball: "All that effort for this?" Yes. I'm too busy. But I didn't want to exclude any country in America. I wanted to give equal importance.

To ~~Birdy~~: It depends.

To David G: Good discovery! :D

To Mitchell: Oh I see... :P

To Kirsten: Germany -> Germans, Spain -> Spaniard (not Spanish! Spanish is used only to denote Spanish people collectively!), Ireland -> Irish. Note: They are not in America. They are in Europe.

Update 4:

To The Fat Old Man::::::(:):::::::::

"Is the most heavily populated country in north/south america" China -> 19.65%, India -> 17.23%, and note: USA -> Just 4.53% of total population. According to you, China & India must dominate the entire world?!

"Is the most affluent country in north/south america" In terms of wealth? Believe it or not. It's Africa, the dark continent. (Still to explore and enjoy)

"Has done the most to contribute to political growth" Forgot the power of former United Kingdom?

"They are one of the richest in north/south america" Calculating the gross domestic product (GDP) at purchasing power parity (PPP) per capita, according to International Monetary Fund, the richest country is Qatar; World Bank: Luxembourg; CIA World Factbook: Liechtenstein.

"they are stupid" How can you say?! We Americans are good. :)

"they are fat" Not really. :P

Update 5:

To cruzazu: Welcome! :)l

Update 6:

To ZUrdo: As you've said "we spell chair as chair" Note: chairs as FURNITURE is not acceptable. Right?! Just like that, USA is a part of America. Then how can you call 'em Americans?!

"its all a formal agreement of the masses" Did they ask others opinion?! Simply no. Then how can it be a formal agreement?! And "pinches marranos" behave your words properly. Tienes miedo a escribir en Inglés, eh?

"About 80 percent of trans fat in American’s diet comes from factory-produce partially hydrogenated vegetable oil."

Source: (University of Maryland Medical Centre). Must ban it. I hate hamburger because of 'ground beef'. I'm a vegan.


My BRAIN. ^_^

Update 7:

To DULCE LILA: Even Yahoo! en Español Answers uses "Estados Unidos de América" Not United States of North America. Just United States of America!!

Go to;_ylt=Al...

But usually 'norteamericano' for people pertaining to the USA. Yeah, you know there are other countries like Canada, Mexico. Then how come 'Norteamericano' meaning North Americans?!

Update 8:

But in Yahoo! España Answers, it is just 'Estados Unidos'.


Update 9:

To Mantén el cielo despejado: I think it is Estadounidense and not Estado unidense (note the space)

Update 10:

Hey! DULCE LILA! Where are you? I can't see your answer now!! Did you delete?!

Update 11:

To ZUrdo: I think you have misunderstood... Chair is one of the most frequently used furniture. It is one of the furniture items... That's all... Just like that, USA is a part of America. That's all.

Furniture includes tables, chairs, beds, desks, dressers, cupboards etc.

Update 12:

"Country is not acceptable" Just like that American is also not acceptable.

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    Cause United States of Americans sounds refuckintarded.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We associate people through convention,,, enough said!!!

    why do we spell chair as chair!!!!! its all a formal agreement of the masses..

    if this troubles you, you are always free to chose your nationality as "other"

    if you havent realized yet nobody cares if the typical citizen agrees with the terminology or not,,,,, we associate people simply for political reasons, thus making things easy for govts,,, we cant have one million words that pertain to one people

    USA is a country,,, note: Country is not acceptable

    and you probably didnt understand my chair anology so i will explain briefly,,,, a chair is called a chair because we simply do not want to have a trillion words that are synonyms of a chair... did we all agree on that?? no we didnt ,,, but it does keep things simple

    the same goes to nationalities,, and besides that its all political,

    Source(s): EHMT 261
  • 1 decade ago

    Because the United States of America is the only country with the word America in it.






    oh, and americans are fat

    no, but seriously, we are technically "all americans", but since the United States:

    1) Is the most heavily populated country in north/south america

    2) Is the most affluent country in north/south america

    3) Has done the most to contribute to political growth

    4) They are one of the richest in north/south america

    5) they are stupid

    6) they are fat

    (continued from above) they are technically considered "americans" or "top o' the chain" because of the above 6 things (ok, well, just 4 of them)

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  • 1 decade ago

    You forgo Germans, Spanish, and Irish.

  • Willy
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    1 decade ago

    I'm Guatemalan. My native languaje is the spanish. We call you "Estado unidense" lol.

  • All that effort for this? you got too much time on ur hands.

  • 1 decade ago

    It's really not a big deal

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    They say "All americans are fat!"

  • alissa
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    1 decade ago


    "Too bad"? Was it supposed to be offensive?

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