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Is the Scion tC a good car? What would you tune or modify in it?

I want to buy one in the future, and modify it to make it sporty. I won't race or anything, but I want it to feel sporty and superior for the budget. Also I want it to handle great in the winters of Canada.

There are some flaws with it. The interior does not look motivating, but rather dull. Also I read that the stock version is not sporty. Here's the review:

How would you modify it, and for what cost? Any ideas?

I still want to buy it for it's uniqueness, and want to hear about your opinions about past experiences, and such. I prefer it over Mitsubishi Eclipse, and Honda Civic. No idiotic or stupid responses please.


Any other car you would recommend? Mazda3 maybe. Pontiac G8.

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    first off i wouldnt recomend anything in the pontiac or saturn brand since those two are being phased out soon. the tC has a sporty fel to me, but i have changed to summer only sport tires, where i live we are lucky if it goes down to the 30 degrees. so i use my summer tires year round. i can take turns labled 25mph at 50-60mph varying on angle of the turn. it feels good to me ive been in a Civc, its alright, ive ben in a pontiac G5 and the tC wins against that hands down.

    as to modify, there is alot out there. to have a sportier feel Tein H-Tech springs i hear are good, as well as the TRD lowering springs. the thing people dislaike about TRD springs though is they drop the rear lower than the front.

    brakes are good from the factory, i think for about $600-$700 you can get a stage 2 brake kit from Stoptech. the rims are fine that come on the tC, i have Borbet LV5 rims on my tC. other suspension upgrades are TRD rear sway bar and front strut bar.

    performance for speed depends on you. you dont want to race but if you still want a fast feel im not sure you'd have to elaborate. but there are two options:

    1. if you want to stay Naturaly Aspirated (N/A) then varies mods you can get would be: Intake, Cat-back Exhaust, Headers, S-pipe, NST pulley kit, ATI damper, and fuel system upgrade. Pretty much in that order.

    2. if you want Forced Induction (F/I) then slap on a turbo kit and tune to 8psi and depending on other mods you can get 230-300whp.

    things needed which ever way you go would be clutch, flywheel, LSD upgrades to transfer that power to the wheels..

    interior you can change like this:

    Youtube thumbnail

    links are just various places to see different options for you. good luck, message if you need help.

    i in no way condone racing, or use of any of the mods mentioned for speeding or dangerous driving that puts you or others in harms way.. all mods mentioned affect drving and performance and may void warrent...... just a safety precaution.

    have a good day

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  • Anonymous
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    go for it. i'm sick of the me-too tuning scene where all you ever see is the same old boring honda snot-boxes. be different, blaze a new trail. what made hondas the in thing was that they were different way back when. try thinking even further outside the box, unloved family hacks and sedans often share parts with the cooking models from the same manufacturer. how embarrasing would it be for your mates to be blown off at the lights by a corolla, or yaris, colt, peugot 206 etc!

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    6 years ago

    Make sure you get winter tires or somebody that is year round with focus on snow cuz the stock tires and most tires i think sucks on tc for some reason.

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  • ken k
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    1 decade ago

    cars ok/outside appearances rims etc/and check for interior stuff

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