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Sibyl asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 1 decade ago

How are Canada and United States different?

Just curious.

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    Our politics are different - in the States, there are only 2 political parties and one party is to the left while the other is to the right (of the political scale) and, generally, you're either with the left or the right, you can't like both and you hate the other (at least, you show your hate if you have a news show... ;D... just joking around... but it is done moreso than in Canada). Here, in Canada, we have multiple political parties and they're generally closer to the center of the political scale (of course, we do have our "extreme" parties but the Liberals and the Progressive Conservatives *our 2 main parties* are both close to the center).

    Football is different - There are some minor changes in the rules and regulations but they're major enough that we can't play against each other like we can with hockey.

    Health Care - In Canada, we have a free universal health care. In the States, they have to qualify and pay for health insurance.

    We have provinces (and territories) and the US has states.

    Canada still has ties to Britain (though, really, it's mostly for show by now... ;D) while the US fought for freedom from Britain.

    I don't know if this is still true but when I was taught geography, when immigrants came over to the US and Canada; in the US, they were put into a "melting pot" and told to become "Americanized" while in Canada, we just accepted them as they came and added their culture to our "mosaic."

    Now, I can't think of anything more. If I do, I'll come back and edit...

    Source(s): (period) I love your stereotyping of Canada (really, I do... it brings me great amusement...) While some statements are, in fact, true; there are sentences in there that are totally wrong...
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    well minus quebec canada could easily be compared to a lot of the northern states, but some of the laws and politics are different, other than that much of the landscape, stores and surroundings are the same as the states, as far as the people go, its hard to distinguish americans from canadians because of the diverse cultural backgrounds of most of the people.

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    canada has health care we have a queen we are a democracy we have a prime minister most people are roman catholic we speak english and french we don't start wars we just clean up the mess of other countries we don't go to fight nations we go to keep peace

    the usa does not have health care they have a president they are a Republic most people their are Protestant they start war and canada clean up after them

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    im american but im plannin on moving to Canada

    i heard its a very multicultural country, alot of indians and italians and etc

    i heard canadians live longer then us americans

    Canada is a very friendly country while we americans are known for being a bit loud and arrogant

    canada is verrry natural and the girls are basically mostly tomboys

    the accents seem similiar but i have noticed they are quite diffrent

    and i noticed that canadians do really use EH alot

    but its something they are proud of :)

    Canada is a free country and most people think its all white there but no therss many diffrent people

    theres alot of animals

    like mooses bears cougars beavers eagles canadian lynx and etc

    we have dunkin donuts they have tim hortans

    we have claires they have ardenes

    we have victoria secret they have La senza

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  • Jim B
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    1 decade ago


    No right to own a hand gun, thank goodness.

    No NRA, No Klan, No NAACP. No militias. No White Power, No Black Panthers.


    All of the above crazy groups.

    Nuff said.......

    Jim b. Toronto.

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    1 decade ago

    Canada has universal health care systems while the U.S. does not.

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    1 decade ago

    Well, as little as we try to admit it, we're not really that different. Canada really just copies America in most things. Although, it's colder up here (except Alaska, only the territories can compete with that i guess). We're friendlier too, although that's just American's I know opinion (I've never been too America myself).

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    Two different countries.

    You might just as easily ask the difference between Japan and Norway.

  • knh959
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    1 decade ago

    America borders on the magnificent. ------ Canada.

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    1 decade ago

    The United States is where Canadians come for their health care because they cannot get it in Canada.

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